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Just when I thought the year was going great for new soul music and rnb then up pops this dude, true we have lost some real soul legends over the last 9 -8 years .Yet I am of the opinion that beneath the surface lay a talent that is set to explode on those unsuspecting public especially when it comes o the soul music genre, ASTRAL 22 is the brain child of Los Angeles producer and songwriter ARMAND TULUMELLO  WRITING ,PUBLISHING,BRANDING and PROMOTING his own  thing and with many of the social network platforms available today this has been made easy for talented producers and writers like ARMAND TULUMELLO to showcase their talent to the world ,SEE! we don't need a SIMON COWELL to do this, just the knowledge and the real love of music .Astral 22 are back and again ARMAND my friend this is yet another master piece production and execution you brought into the world. The album is called OPEN SOURCE and features 15 delicious tracks that will have you spellbound ,I admit I took time to sit back and listen I wanted the house clear of people so I could saviour the moment properly and hear the music through my HifI ( do people still have these'lol) what was nice and so telling is that as I got to song 10 STARSEED my son along with friends arrived I watch carefully as they talked and the inquired who this was ( the old dog knows his music aye!!) it was a delight to turn them on to ARMAND TULUMELLO work I tried so desperately to not sound excited but left the room as the all fell under the spell .Its so hard to find that killer song here its a great problem to have, you've probably heard me say this before but if its hard to find a stand out song then that's because your listening to a stand out set of songs. This can be said of the alum OPEN SOURCE. Your ears will treated to some delightful soothing funky, jazzy samba dance flavours mix with a electric sound that belongs only to ASTRAL 22 (brain child of ARMAND TULUMELLO)I've just   finished listening to the first song por do soul again and I cant get over how much ARMAND talents seem to grow this was obviously a labour of love. Dope schtick  has that 80s 90s vibe glossed with a vibe that when I got to this track (I was like amen !!) and slightly embarrassed myself in front of the people stood in the bus queue the following day.( wont be back there anytime soon I can tell you. I would love see what this man could do with with some of the talent out there right now your Beyoncé ,Usher ,Faith Evans and alike would be given a much needed boost. 

The album is full of many smooth grooves that have a very positive and yet though provoking lyrically the songs have been well produced .Still I must say its great to have producers like ARMAND TULUMELLO ready to work with young upcoming acts and allowing us to listen .The set comes highly recommended in my humble opinion go to CD BABY for a copy. There is a lot to listen to here check it out or MISS OUT. The album is entitled ASTRAL22 PRESENTS IMPERIAL PROGRESSIVE SOUL COLLECTION VOL 1 I guess we can look forward to volume 2 like the guys over at SOUL UNSIGEND in the uk this is helping to bring these acts to an even wider audience. To check out the artist feat I have put the links at the bottom of the page.Armand Tulumello aka Astral22 calls his unique production sound "Nu Groove with Classic Muse" where he blends electronica/soul/house/lounge sounds together in unique harmony YES IT IS MY FRIEND .


 Dope Schtick (Original Mix)




My debut compilation release is a spirited soulful "smooth", “feel good” production featuring exclusive collaborations and re-works, working together with a quality line-up of hand picked emerging and established soul talent. All of the artists on this CD are all “stars” to me in their own right. I bubbled over with inspiration and enthusiasm as I listen to their work, & realized that everyone represented here are all ”doing it themselves” – financing, orchestrating and exercising creative sovereignty over their own careers, as “free agents”. I always wondered why the “Major Labels” never snatched them up, - so one bright day I decided to do it myself! I really respect the tremendous effort and commitment all of us working together contributed to create this beautiful music. I nurtured personal relationships with each and every Artist, and they became like a musical family, and my own personal “Billboard Top 20”. Writing and producing material for so many artists simultaneously fully exercised my extreme focus, patience, and multitasking to the umpteenth power. My music, dreams, inspiration, vision, conversations, ended up travelling sometimes as far as 8000 kilometres away, to over 10 states in the USA, & all the way to the UK, Argentina and beyond. That is a miracle and blessing. The global soul movement is here. I am grateful and feel privileged to bring this music to you, and thank everyone from the Supreme, to my loving Family, living and non, best Friends, and every Artist, Writer, Musician, DJ, Publicist, Promoter, Distributor, & Engineer who is responsible for supporting my work & making my dream a reality. All of us together can bring back quality, passion and most of all, LOVE to music, so it will bring joy and inspiration to many - all over the world, & for many generations to come. I thank U all, you know who you are : )
“MUSIC IS EVOLUTION” .... Astral22



Mz. Pat
Heidi Martin
Rena Scott &
Katie Cole
LeNora Jaye www.
Shuane Odunaiya
Shanell Rene’e
La Sonya Gunter
Fernando Cardo
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