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I must admit that one of the things that had bothered me about soul music in the UK is the clear lack of networking across the board .I believe I have touched on this matter previously you see I look across the pound and I see constantly other artist appearing on other artist songs like clockwork. Yet here we never truly took that onboard and how that worked for the individual artist musician. Until the BRITISH SOUL COLLECTIVE got together mad e up of LEE JOHN (IMAGAINATION) OMAR (GOD FATHER OF NEO SOUL in my eyes anyway) JUNIOR (mama use to say fame) NOEL  McKOY    & DON-E    All of these artist on one album for me it a was s pleasure to sit and listen to this set.

For me the killer tune featured here is Love me to night and any lovers rock fans will surely remember that tune well these guys have flipped the script on that and given it a delicious groove that stamps a collective vibe all over it .Although my health has not been great these days this album truly helped brighten up my day. Another song that just keeps me hitting that repeat button Piece of Heaven  now I will admit it took some time to listen to this album I look to salivate when I’m listening but honestly I played this tune close to 10 times before moving on. Another song that is another clear highlight is Stay and again they stamp that collective vibe all the way through this with a great bass line. Take your you time has great harmonies and production wise tight. Hats why  for me  was one of those songs I which I had taken on holiday with me  cause this again had plenty of replays (total ocd people).Pa Pa has that Moma use to say vibe running through it  and I like it!!.I can say with a certainty the other songs are truly worth the listen as the collective give a lesson in soul music mix not only their own styles but managing to create a new vibe and at the same time educate the audience that dare to listens to their vibe. In all there are 14 tracks that will not disappoint and should be in your collection this year. BRITISH SOUL COLLECTIVE  vol 1 The Renaissance  does what it says on the box  and in doing so has rejuvenated all of the guys and enhance soul music here in the UK .

If I’m honest I wished more Uk artist would wake up and this type of connection like these fellas have done and stop playing the HAN SOLO mission teaming up helps the writer in you the producer in you and gets you places you might not have thought of. For the Djs   and the websites/promoters support the music first and not your own brand connect with one another and stop the needless competition. This does not help push real Reggae/ soul music/ Rnb /and Jazz up rather its strangling it  MUSIC first brand second.

 The British Collective - Romantic


 Don-e spiritual feat "the collective



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