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If you love your music in the jazz funk fusion vain perhaps you love Bob James, Ramsey Lewis or The Crusaders then I would tell you right about now to go and check out KEYJAM I just discovered these guys who are Dee Majek and James Colah. Dee Majek’s involvement in the UK stretches from as teenager securing exclusive promotional copies from American labels Casablanca Records,(Donna Summers, Cameo, Parliament and Giorgio Moroder), Cotillion Records (Luther Vandross) and Bang Records (Peabo Bryson), for Dee to source to taste making,UK club and radio Djs. To more recently, as the CEO of independent label Mapp Records, Dee was responsible for launching the career of Chanel Perry, ‘My Life’ licensed to Hed kandi, Ministry of Sound. Which spawned, top 40 national chart hits in the UK, France, and Scandinavia. Plus club hits ‘Dance’ and ‘If You Love Me’. Further success followed with the highly acclaimed R&B group, Metropolis classic debut album, ‘The Voyage’ that was licensed to Japanese labels BMFN Records. The two songs burning up my heads phone right about now are DYSTOPIA and RADIAN released on the VEC RECORD label both a delight to here, suddenly I was transported through time and space when life appeared to be more simple and less pressure and those jazzy summer grooves with a positive vibes filled the air KEJAM describe DYSTOPIA (the up and coming album) It’s a musical journey back to the Seventies and Eighties .Take a listen to the punch-packing bass line of the title cut ‘Dystopia’. An electric piano-fuelled, funky anthem jam and its synthesized sidecar partner, on this ride ‘Radian’, a summer groove emulator that races along like vertigo on a Blackpool roller-coaster. You will instantly recognize that ‘Dystopia’ is a keyboard –driven, musical homage to Club UK. To jazz stalwarts such as Ramsey Lewis, Roy Ayers, The Crusaders, Patrice Rushen, Rodney Franklin and Donald Byrd.

So calling on all you Djs and fellow bloggers get on the case the KEY JAM case and see if you don’t catch the vibe they are throwing down great music that all should be exposed to.(hey!! it actually involves playing and instrument) didn’t we use to call that talented. OH yeah then along came so called reality television shows and any excuse to create beef live on TV and have every one join in it oh wow!  Then we have crazed fame seeking exhibitionist who at the first sign of a camera strip off to get the attention of the masses and sadly this works (just ask MADONNA NIKKI MINAJ or MILEY CYRUS and RHIHANNA and yet they all are talented). Don’t pretend it doesn’t work its working for the above.

Then  comes along  KEYJAM to remind us just what we use to like and hey this is still cool these two are keeping it real. Why? How? They make music that makes you feel good and that can’t be bad, and  without  the shock FACTOR. Quietly they seduce the listener and educate you at the same time KEYJAM NEW ALBUM IS ENTITLED DYSTOPIA as Sister Sledge would sing Where lost in music  . By cw    devendo 1981 music movies .com


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