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K JON is an artist that I am so glad to see getting what he deserves in terms of recognition he has been practicing his craft for some time now and I kept wandering just when people would catch on to this immensely talented man ,his first album was called YES SIR release in2005 and gave people a taste of what he was about, this was followed up by he album THIS IS ME 2006 and again the man was showing us what he had but still it didn’t seem to pay off in 2007 KJON release the album BALLROOM X PLOSION the album made many outside the US and in the US stand up and take notice it featured what I can only describe as on of the best summer songs of the past 15years the killer song ON THE OCEAN if you haven’t heard it yet (and I would be shocked if you said no ) you need to. Other stand out songs are BABY BABY, STREET LIFE ,SAY YES and the lovely PRETTIEST FACE all very strong songs truly there are no bad songs on the album and if I seem to be going over the edge about this man in saying this ,then I apologise to many of the younger artist out there right know but KJON knows how to right a melody and infuse It with soul 

On The Ocean


music his music has a certain lay back groove to it yet hard at the same time vocally he’s strong and has a distinctive quality of his own lyrically the man is thoughtful and gives you and insight into his world. This year KJON is about to unleash a new album  

I GET AROUND my hope is that this puts this man right up there . ON THE OCEAN is featured on the new set along with some more excellent songs Detroit’s K’JON introduces his full-length major label debut, I GET AROUND, a superb collection with nods to both his contemporaries, including Kem and Robin Thicke, and his predecessors, like fellow Detroiter Marvin Gaye. K Jon has a lot offer the world when you listen to songs like


“That’s one of my favourite tracks,” says K’JON. “There’s a line on that song, I got superpowers/I won’t be devoured that really explains how I feel right now. Things are


 coming together for me and I’m getting the opportunity to share my music with the world. It’s a very exciting time.”


Also SUMMER RAIN and DOIN IT BIG these are just tasters of what this man can achieve I must say I didn’t find a bad track on the set sure some of it lyrically has some old clichés yet that would be just picky .DAM! K JON IS A NAME I DON’T WANT YOU ALL TO FROGET “I wanted to take an album you could listen to from beginning to end—no matter how old you are or where you’re from.”

Well I think you have done just that my friend.


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