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 LeVar Thomas is a singer songwriter I have been listening to for the past month or so and finally I sat down and said to myself why haven’t you put this mans talents on the site, for more to appreciate just how good this man really is . The KILLER KILLER song here is the infectious MISSING YOU the song just breezes by and your swept along with the melody and groove .Another great song is AINT SO BAD as he puts it down on how things change yet don’t seem to, it has a great hook. Other songs include THINGS THAT USED TO BE another haunting melody with a great vibe ,LeVar seems to drop melodies and grooves for songs with refreshing ease and its great to here .WHAT LOVE FEELS LIKE is another breezing song that has this dude saying yes I like this man music. When he ups his game he still manages to deliver PAUSE , GOTTA LOVE U are good example of this NOW GET THIS brings that southern kinda soul right up there blending so called old school with the




new . This artist has brought a great new feel to rnb soul music . The only exception for me was the song FUNKY of which I wasnt feelin but there are those of you that can disagree. All in all this a must buy if your looking for something slightly edgy and different yet has plenty of soul look no further than LEVAR THOMAS .Born in 1978 to young parents, Thomas' warm tenor voice came as the result singing in gospel choirs, wedding bands and open mike night line-ups. Beyond technical chops, his warm-hearted spirit shines through in his singing. In 2007, Thomas decided to take a different approach to showcasing his music by self-producing a series of You tube videos. These included some of his own original songs and covers by well known artists such as Luther Vandross & Stevie Wonder. This proved to be an instant success and the world was now aware of the mans talents. Speaking about this he said

"I never viewed myself as an internet guru…Posting my music online just seemed like another way to get my music out to the world. I'm grateful that people have really responded in such a big way." 



So for budding artist  out there you don’t have go on AMERICAN IDOL XFACTER or whoever says youve got talent just put it out there and let the public decide you never know .Excellent material LEVAR.



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