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REGINA BELLE - The Day Life Began


She is probably one of soul music and music in general’s hidden gems yet she has always been very consistent. When I first heard Regina Bell sing (1987 ALL BY MYSELF ALBUM) the hair on the back of my neck stood up and that docent happen as often as I would like with most new vocalist these days .So when I caught wind a new album was in the making a braced myself I had no notions of any disappointment what’s so ever .I didn’t even listen to any of the songs beforehand I just brought it knowing I would hear great songs great music great production and vocals that would execute those songs. Regina Bell delivers and if you are a fan don’t wait just buy. If never heard of here or her music I can think of no better place to start than on this set .The album is entitled THE DAY LIFE BEGAN (her 10th album) the entire set is packed with soul.jazz.and gospel vibes throughout and is delivered with such class you can’t help but admire this artist. She covers a song I have long cherished and song by an artist whom as a young man I fell in love with the moment I saw her PHYLIS HYMAN  she would have been proud of  the way Regina covers YOU KNOW HOW TO LOVE ME its comes very close to the original. Yet for me BE CAREFUL OUT THERE is a killer tune as says so much to us all on so many levels another replay tune is the groovy IMPERFECT LOVE. Others stand out songs include YOU a jazzy vibe with a touch of gospel that will again have you press replay before you go on. There is not one bad song on this set YOU SAW THE GOOD IN ME is another soulful and lifting song .So if this is the first time THE DAY YOU DISCOVER ED .THE DAY LIFE BEGAN then go out and buy this.


Regina Belle - Show Me The Way 1987


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