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STAR WARS  The force awakens

If like me you can still remember taking your seat at the cinemas waiting anticipating what was about to happen when you first witness the Phenomenon call STARWARS you must have been excited by the new trailer. This for me will set things more right than did the last three having just said that, I really enjoyed them. Yet I sense like I have always have wondered what happen after the events leading up to the EMPIRES fall will the SITH arise anew what happened to LUKE and the others now that we have visited the past we get a glimpse of the future as JJ ABRAMS takes the helm as did with STAR TREK and breathes new life in the saga STAR WARS The Force Awakens. Release date December 18th 2015. A long Time Ago In A Galaxy  Far Far Away……


A rising star isn't it funny how no matter what universe we are in we try to dictate who or what fits in let the force unfold and all will be revealed people. 


Star Wars The Force Awakens Comic Con Panel  



As suspected you don't see very much but what we do see gives us a clue`s as to maybe the origins of the force itself or even dare I say the Sith. We see more but they shouldn't be showing this until well into the new year  I believe as this would dampen the excitement with others big guns coming for ward the timing needs to right.

Yet why am I so excited .



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