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 The news of a marvel movies featuring BLACK BOLTS and friends and i`m excited recently whilst being interview by ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY KEVIN FEIGE mention that THE INHUMANS along with GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY  are movies that could possibly go into development,i for one would love to see the inhumans take to the screen .Who would play BLACK BOLT the right  person needs to be cast in the role as the man does not speak .

At the beginning of the Kree-Skrull War, millions of years ago in Earth time, the alien Kree established a station on the planet Uranus, a strategic position between the Kree and Skrull empires. Through their work at this station, they discovered that sentient life on nearby Earth had genetic potential invested in it by the alien Celestials. Intrigued, the Kree began to experiment on Earth's then-primitive homo sapiens by splicing Eternals DNA into Cro-Magnons. However, although their experiments were successful in creating a strain of humanity with extraordinary abilities, the Kree abandoned their experiment for reasons which are not yet clear.
Their test subjects, the Inhumans, went on to form a society of their own, which thrived in seclusion from the rest of humanity and developed advanced technology. Experiments with the mutagenic Terrigen Mist gave them various powers, but also caused lasting genetic damage and deformities. This led to a long-term selective breeding program to try to mitigate the effects of these mutations. Their city Attilan has frequently been relocated and, as of 2005 stories, rests in the oxygen-bearing Blue Area of the Moon.The Inhumans were once led by the Unspoken. who was dethrone by their current king, Black Bolt, and his royal family, consisting of Medusa, Karnak, Gorgon, Triton, Crystal, Maximus the Mad, and the canine Lockjaw. Both Crystal and Medusa have been members of the Fantastic Four; Crystal has also been a member of the Avengers

Black Bolt is the child of two of Attilan’s top geneticists, Agon, head of the ruling Council of Genetics, and Rynda. Subjected to the mutagenic Terrigen Mist while still an embryo, Bolt was born with strange powers surpassing even the average Inhumans’. As an infant, he demonstrated certain energy-manipulative powers that he couldn't control, particularly that of producing quasi-sonic energy of great destructive potential. To protect the other Inhumans, he was placed inside a sound-proofed chamber and given an energy-harnessing suit. There he was schooled on how to control his powers until the age of nineteen, when he was allowed to enter society.

A month after being awarded his freedom, Black Bolt discovered that his younger brother Maximus had made a pact with emissaries of the Kree. While attempting to stop the Kree ship before it escaped, Bolt used the power of his quasi-sonic voice to knock the ship out of the sky. When the ship crashed to Earth, it landed on the parliament, killing several key members of the Council of Genetics, including his parents. The reverberations of Bolts shout affected Maximus’ sanity and suppressed his nascent mental powers. Despite his guilt and silent protests, Black Bolt was obligated to accept the mantle of leadership of the Inhumans at age twenty.

Black Bolt’s first crisis in leadership came when his cousin Triton was held captive by humans. Learning of Triton’s encounter upon his escape, Black Bolt decided that Attilan was in imminent danger of being discovered by humanity. Black Bolt scouted out possible places in which to relocate, and decided upon the remote Himalayan mountains. After the great migration, Black Bolt faced his second great crisis when his now insane brother Maximus unleashed the Trikon, three of the Inhumans’ worker drones who were transformed into energy-beings. The Trikon enabled Maximus to launch a successful coup, establishing his rule over the Inhumans, and sending Black Bolt and the other members of the Royal Family into exile.

Vin Diesel for Black Bolt


Sadly it seems Marvel have favoured THE GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY a movie I`m still to be excited about as I must admit to not truly  knowing a great deal about the characters. Apart from  the other version of the team that I became familiar with during the KORVAC saga  THE AVENGERS  LINK UP. I do believe they haven't given up on this project and when Vin diesel an actor of huge talents tweeted about his meeting with Marvel the internet was a buzz with talk who would he play .Well we know he  will take on the role as GROUT (I am grout) in THE GAURDIANS OF THE GALAXY. He also teased at another project and quoted it as a merging of brands whilst some have mentioned the NAMOR  movie (Sub mariner).I like others whish I could have been there to voice my desire (not that any one should listen as MARVEL know what they are doing and DC have a lot of catching up to do. For me the one character we have yet to see on the big screen is BLACK BOLT the inhumans story does have a cross over appeal and a link in to both the AVENGERS and The Guardians. Black Bolt has  met many marvel characters and best them in battle. Yet the human side of not being able to speak ( because when he does the sound of his voice would be like ten Nuclear warheads going off at the same time) this for many today is a reality yet they are normal like you and I its only left up to us how do we communicate with them Black Bolt does this and leads his people and unlike many leaders who can speak he is respected. The story of Black Bolt  does deserve its turn VIN DIESEL could be possible the only actor I would bet could really bring this character to life on the big screen. Other rumours surround the ADAM WARLOCK character and here again an interesting film to make would Vin Diesel fill this role no doubt he would after all he's an actor  that's what they do. Yet for me I believe Black Bolt would provide him (Vin Diesel) with an interesting challenge one I believe he would he could more that meet . a side form all of this and thinking outside the box Vin Diesel THE WATCHER (HAHHHA!!)


Vin and Marvel... you all made it happen!

I get the strange feeling that Marvel thinks I'm Inhuman... Ha-ha.





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