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In the summer of 1994 I had just stepped into my local record store hoping to find something new and interesting but before I could do this something new had already hit my ears , at the time I didn’t know who this person was the productions seemed familiar yet the delivery of the song was different my feet had caught the vibe .AaLIYAH was he artist and this newly converted dude was admiring what this young lady was putting out. The album was AGE AINT NOTHING BU A NUMBER and the single was BACK & FORTH the song and album ushered what was in my very humble opinion a lady who’s talents would have taken here way to the top .Later on that year or it could have been the following year,she arrived on theses shores to promote the new album ,I along with my friends went to see her perform not expecting too much from the young artist i was suprised she managed to blow me away not only with her performance but her maturity and charisma .She new how to work the audience and she actually could play an instrument something a lot don’t seem to think is important these days .There is so much written about AaLIYAH and about what happened that caused the abrupt death of such an outstanding artist yet I choose to remember her Aaliyah Dana Haughton (January 16, 1979) as a truly gifted artist who when she did anything she always seem to do it effortlessly. Her blend of R&B soul and Hip Hop help redefined the music during the 90,s in fact its so easy to tell her impact on not just music but on the general public when you hear mothers naming there daughters AALIYAH a name you were never truly aware of especially here in the U K until Aaliyah Dana Haughton stepped on the scene. She like many pioneering acts before her always seemed to be striving to be different something again whi


ch sets here way apart from those who seemed happy to follow a trend. This in my opinion is why we seem to remember her so much not just as a singer but actress a business women all rapped into one. Sure many will focus on what could have been, yet look at what was already done. Millions of us will never get the chance to achieve this, millions of us don’t have that talent and the get up and go, the drive and focus to be different and truly stand out as an individual AaLIYAH DID! .All In all there was three albums AGE AIN NUTHING BUT A NUMBER,1994 ONE IN A MILLION 1996 and then AaLIYAH 2001.When I heard here was to be an AaLIYAH EP release my ears pricked up as this was what I had hoped for and any one who has had the chance to listen wont be disappointed. The album features VULA , JONAS , MARTHA AMBROSIS,JESSE BOYKINS III and more go to




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