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  By now the whole world has been awakened to her sound her vibe and charming personality & beauty that is so down to earth, its shocking in itself . She`s is such a complete contrast to many females in the entertainment industry at the moment .ADELE first came to my attention every since hearing the song CHASING PAVEMENTS of which I still enjoy playing. Since the release of her first album 19 it’s been a steady yet remarkable rise to this point. Many point out that her career began as a hit on MYSPACE but I would rather see it as beginning much earlier and that even without it (MySpace) she would still be where she is now. You can’t truly lock talent like that away so true it is even BEYONCE has given this lady props. Which begs the question, why do many of todays so called soul music R&B ARTIST focus most of the attention away from the music and more towards the image?  Even when they have the talent this still becomes the case. There are many reasons this could be at this point I leave you all to ponder why this is. Whatever the case ADELE is a refreshing sound  in the industry  not that she is the only one there are other acts out there at present who have this XFACTOR .ADELE though was born to do this, as she says herself .

“As soon as I got a microphone in my hand, when I was about 14




, I realized I wanted to do this,” she says. “Most people don’t like the way their voice sounds when it’s recorded. I was just so excited by the whole thing that I wasn’t bothered what it sounded like.”


At the moment the world is busy drinking up the new album entitled 21 to which demonstrates her vocal talents and her lyrical and writing skills that appear to have grown immensely. She is touring at present and people in the United States are getting to hear her brand of soul music. Whilst I am one of those who really is enjoying her music right now I hope this will wake up people to other talents out here, too many to list ALOE BLACC, JD GREEN, DIERDRE GADDIS, TRACY CRUZ, BEVERLEY KNIGHT, BRIDGETTE BRYANT, YAHZARAH, COOL MILLION and more who all have an individual style yet appear to be overlooked .True not everyone can be at the top or even the middle but they can still all be appreciated for the contribution they give and treated as such. ADELE is a great ambassador for music in general. Long may this continue?







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