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He is best known as (Michael "Mickey Bricks" Stone ow HUSTLE yet ADRIAN LESTER  is still in my opinion the undiscovered country he true talent and coupled with his work rate gives his all to the role s he takes on. ADRIAN LESTERS big break came in when he starred opposite JOHN TRAVOLTA in the film PRIMARY COLORS in 1998 .He is an actor who seems to be more at ease on stage than he is on screen yet at the same time he is a master of both, admit I went to see him at the NOVELLO THEATRE because JAMES EARL JONES was going to be there and I could not miss the chance to see both men at work. Adrian Lester (born 14 August 1968) just up the road in Birmingham (GIVE OR TAKE TEN MILES WAY) he is local lad so I’m proud to see  the man do well ,he `s  one of those great actors who like a chameleon  becomes the roles he plays ,he also seems to find roles on both sides of the pond whether it be the UK or the USA  appearing in the hit us sitcom GIRLFRIENDS  as  TRACEE ELLIS ROSS`S boyfriend ,hmmm nice when you can get it aye!.LATER he turns up in the film THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW. It was  then I thought I want to see the man holding his own again on the big screen ,this dude can seriously act with the best of them and I for one enjoy watching  the slick chararcter.You cant typecast this man  that’s what a great actor in the end  should do for you ,make you stop and think ,a wise woman once said failure to pause and think before acting is one humans greatest signs of stupidity( my mom). Well ADRIAN LESTER efforts on screen on the stage and TV makes this humble brother stop pause and think about my own journey and where I want to take it. ADRIAN LESTER picks very interest characters to play no matter what and this can only be good for him as an actor and those of us who choose never to think but only to feel, may we keep seeing great talent like this on the TV and the stage and big screen because believe me to those with a good eye this is talent that’s so rare to find.




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