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 Is Alesha Dixon stunningly beautiful ? Well yes is she talented well in some ways yes others limitedly what I do admire is that when she down , and most definitely out she picked herself off the ground, as hard as it may have seemed and when many of us simply would mentally and physically not have been able to do so she did. She entered the British version of Strictly Dancing and won it .All of a sudden the British public could not get enough of the dancing diva. She has triumphed over her husbands infidelity and being dropped by her record company to now releasing a new album. At this moment I must say I haven’t finished listening to all the material and I wont say it s bad but I wont say It is wonderful but les say ALESHA DIXON has done enough to put herself on the block. My fear the women is the comparison to BEYONCE KNOWELS will be levelled at her unfairly, but its seems in someway some are trying to market the lady in that way .Take the video for her latest single THE BOY DOES NOTHING, am I the only one who though HMMM is that BEYONCE .The good thing is I actually think that there is plenty in the ALESHA DIXON music tank whether her record label understand that I have huge doubts .For ALESHA DIXON to establish a strong fan base for me the USA or Europe is the way to go ,with me preferring to see her make it in the USA,listen if little CONNIE FRANCIS can break the US then so can ALESHA DIXON, there is enough on this new album, for this to start to happen , if you call it RNB or soul (HMMM) maybe RNB POP is a the better term and I don’t think ALESHA would be upset at me saying this .ALESHA DIXON has talent but is limited by the way how management and record company alike always seem to not quite get it, when it comes to black artist in this country there isn’t in my humble opinion and I hope I’m wrong when I say this , but there isn’t a market for home grown SOUL AND RNB acts .When I say market one where people will readily put hand in pocket to support these acts and there are plenty of reasons. One is the Uk BASED ONES SIMPLY ARE PUSHED IN A DIFFERENT WAY TO THE US. Why I don’t know true many UK artist have a softer edge to there sound but there are many making it big time in the USA as here in the UK.We want are artist to sound a certain way and look that way before we buy also ,ITS UP TO DJ,S and alike o help change that perception. I must admit it is changing but slowly .Act like HIL ST SOUL,CORRINE BAILEY RAE, ESTELLLE,the now defunct FLOETRY and even LEONA LEWIS are finding huge success in the USA and somewhat limited here ,I believe ALESHA DIXON could be another one of those .

Alesha Anjanette Dixon was born 7th October 1978 after being approached several times by people asking if she could sing or whether she was in a band ALESHA decided to put any aspirations of being a PE (PHYSICAL EDUCATION) teacher on hold . Later she would meet SABRINA WASHINGTON and SU-ELISE NASH then later ZENA McNALLY and sign for TELSTAR RECORDS as MISTEEQ after a steady start with songs such as why? McNALLY left the group, LICKIN IT BOTH WAYS was release and the hits came, They then released a second album EYE CANDY which included the smash SCANDALOUS single. After the record company when bust and so MISTEEQ went there separate ways .We all saw how after joining g POLYDOR RECORDS 2005 after a good start she simply didn’t get the push from her record company she deserved and so she departed .Marital problems erupted and where being played out BY THE BRITISH PRESS. Well as said above she won strictly come dancing and now will be supporting Enrique Iglesias on a world tour, Well done girl. if she does to the world what she has done to England LOOK OUT USA,ALESHA DIXON is coming your way. You can see ALESHA DIXON on the N.E.R.D single SHE WANTS TO MOVE.CHECK OUT the NEW ALBUM


she's back with new music and now she's taken the Indy route I've always believed that at this ladies true core is the music and she finally released here own music on her own label ( Precious Stone Records.)



she's back with new music and now she's taken the Indy route I've always believed that at this ladies true core is the music and she finally released here own music on her own label ( Precious Stone Records.) 


NEW Alesha Dixon - Tallest Girl


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