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I admit I didn’t and don’t watch any of the xfactor Britain/America alike not because I don’t like them, frankly I don’t have the time. Yet having seen the ending of the last xfactor and a certain ALEXANDRA BUKRE sing I was impressed .She has expressed a desire to channel some old school vibes for a future project.So my hopes that her future project will not just be an all pop music affair and she will hold to her word .That’s if record execs don’t get there way.  Alexandra has tremendous talent and could easily translate across the Atlantic, but she will need to be encouraged not to follow a crowd and do her own thing sure there me be some need to pander (NOT IF I HAD MY WAY)but if we want to make stars that are lasting  then there can be only one way ,so ALEX do your own thing girl .Well  its certainly been a while since i updated this page and MS BURKE has made a massive impression on  UK  of todayscharts FOLLOWING  THE TREND of todays rnb stars .Not one i feel will be lasting until she sustains a market not here but in the US as this market in my humble opinion  is too small and too narrow minded for this to be sustained with any longevity .This is the problem i feel that faces most european  and uk rnb soul music acts .They need to establish a fan base that is loyal not one that just follows trends and sad to say .It appears many do follow this trend .Both  artist  and listeners ,thats ok with me as long as we know what real quality is and support it.ALEXANADER BURKE could be somthing of  real quality  wether this will happen with the music so far ,i humbly have doubts but never the less she has real talent.Lets hope  something real soulful is on the arizon .


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