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Alicia Keys has with out a doubt breathed fresh air into soul music and the music industry in general,she has shown that to be a successful one doesn’t have to been seen with virtually nothing on or shaking her stuff although I’m not knocking this what I’m getting at is that yes she is beautiful & talented(SEXY AS HELL) yet it’s the genuine talent coupled with the beauty that wins you over .Her sound harks back to when song writing was a true art form and great melodies were written. Since breaking in on the music scene she has not been content with just fitting a mold but can add acting to her list of talents ,coming from a background where her mother was an actress as surely helped that cause .You can only stand back and admire this women for the great example she and other musicians young today seem to be setting(she is not perfect and would not want to be seen a such) .She was born 25th January 1981 NEW YORK in a melting pot of people of all kinds and this I feel is another aspect to her success ensuring that this classically trained women would put not just any type of music but high quality mixture of music that simply isn’t possible for those who choose to limit themselves or allow others to limit hem. It surprises me to think that her first album Songs in A Minor was released in 2001 when it feels it was yesterday .since this time she has captivated us with stunning albums that catch us off guard are predictable and even thought provoking. Alicia keys can be seen in the new motion picture film along side QUEEN LATIFAH ,JENNIFER HUDSON in THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES she is also slated to appear in the biopic of PHILIPPA SCHUYLER entitled BLACK &WHITE clearly she`s out to give us quality entertainment yet make those of us who are not to keen of thinking to do so and I personally THINK! that this is one of the marks of a great artist .













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Alicia Keys - Girl On Fire



ALICIA KEYS - Brand New Me








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