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Like many I was introduced to the delectable tones of Amel Larrieux (born March 8th 1973) way back in the early 90,s as one part of the group Groove Theory back then I was happily ploughing through cd, s seeing what they had in, when deliberately the owner put on this tune looking straight at me he said fresh off the plane for you, I stood to attention wondering would I even like what he was about to unleash on me as he had tried several moments earlier much to my dismay. The song was TELL ME and I was left shouting tell me who this is. Of course I would buy the said CD and play it to death when I got home .This then began what I would describe as a slight obsession for AMEL LARRIEUX music. AMEL was part of an amazing group along with  Bryce Wilson a member of the group MANTRONIX of whom she teamed up with and together they would make some memorable music during the 90, s. Even then I thought this lady could easily transcend into a solo act and do that well she obviously had the talent. Having just uttered those words back then I could not have imagined just how well she would be able to do this, Infinite Possibilities her first album was released in 2000of which spawned the hit GET UP she had co-produced and co-written the project alongside  hubby  Laru. I can’t tell just how much I annoyed my wife constantly playing that (yet she lovingly put up with me doing so

Lol) There was a gap of four year before the delicious album Bravebird dropped this time she had gone the Indy route releasing this one via her own record label BLISSLIFE RECORDS it would not perform as well but it sure did give birth to a killer anthem song in  FOR REAL (I’m playing it still as I write this ,SAD AINT IT ) yet if anything it demonstrated the  lady as a force  to deal with  in the music industry the album showed also what  an artist can do when free from the constraints of a major label. Especially if you are as creative as she is .For artist who are lacking in music area (writing and production stakes that is and not everyone I may add ) they may find a larger label suites their requirements .Where other shall we say talents can be pushed for example more flesh the more sales and so on. Come now you know sex sells, Amel Larrieux could quite as easily taken that route but I have a feeling she has always wanted to feed and educate her audience with music that helps them to grow as opposed to just visually junk music that  they see, true it looks great but lacks true substance, this is difficult to do today we have all become accustomed to wanting to see a video first before downloading the song.

Amel would go on to release two other albums in 2006 Mornings & 2007 Lovely Standards both on her own label BLISSLIFE RECORDS. Then it went quiet and I took this as she just getting on with life and those creative juices would always keep flowing so I would waited and waited to be rewarded whenever she was ready .About this she was quoted as saying   she wanted to add and delete more songs to perfect the final product. "I stay on the road a lot", she said. "My experiences inform me as a writer, so then I come back and I have more songs to write, and I keep adding and subtracting, so the editing process made this album take a little bit longer than I expected."






Which why now I have decided to write this despite knowing I should be outside painting the house (I will do that by the way). As a testament Amel Larrieux as recorded with some my other favourite artist ones of which I truly believe fly under the radar these days like STANLEY CLARKE and GLEN LEWIS. In 2009 we had a taste of new material when she gave us Orange Glow and Don’t Let Me Down from her to be released album ICE CREAM EVERY DAY set .Well another song has been released entitled AFRAID and it again demonstrates the talented gem we have in Amel Larrieux and my wait was all the more worth it to hear good quality music like this. Of the new album she had this to say

I am relieved to share with whoever’s interested that our album is finally finished. It’s been quite touching actually, reading your messages asking after the new album and its release date. My level of gratitude is constantly challenged by your tireless support. It means I get to make the best work I possibly can, as an offering of sorts, t...

 Oh and by the way new Groove theory music is on the cards






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