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 I must say there are  only a hand full of  the Oscar-winning actress ANGELINA JOLI (BORN 4TH JUNE 1975) movies I have liked BONE COLLETOR, THE CHANGELING (excellent movie) and the impressive MR &MRS JONES .I am going to sound a little crazy when I say that what I like most about this lady are the things she does outside the movies, sure I could get very cynical here about the dangers of removing some child from its home land and BLAH BLAH BLAH yet  she’s is trying to do something  very positive  how many of us are really trying to help others, most us just simply get on with our lives claiming we don’t have the time or resources. I don’t yet I still try, and if I couldn’t help someone directly  then I make sure I love cherish and help my wife and kids as much as i can ANGELINA is an artist and not just a celebrity , one who see’s that someone needs love (sounds sloppy doesn’t it) and is prepared to do something about that. Who am I to question the qualifications of that, sadly some of us give birth to children and then  go one to abuse them.

This is one problem I truly believe to be EVIL. Going back to ANGELINA (as I step down from my soap box) it’s been so well documented about her relationship with her father JON VOIGHT and in recent years her relationship with the talented BRAD PITT. I have been more interest in the films roles she has picked and although many of them for me have been miss able, only now does she appear to be picking roles that I want to see her in(in my humble opinion of course) THE CHANGLING being one of them. She has talent, an abun 





dance of it. Looking back the first time I saw her was in the movie GIRL INTERRUPTED and I was very impressed with the role she played making us believe she was LISA ROWE. She indeed is beautiful yet this is going to sound crazy when I say that’s not what I find interesting or attractive (I can hear male readers saying yeah right this   dudes crazy or gay) yet this is the case  for me aways  I do not find ANGELINA JOLI attractive from body point of view ( i am not saying shes not attractive )just not my type( this hole is getting deep LOL!) hey i would  not be hers if she saw me either you can bet on that, but I strongly admire her attempts to help others and i do believe she has much more talent than a lot of actresses out there also she inspires us to want to do more when it comes to loving others especially our own children  yet  sadly many of us can and yet wont  .Lets just put this down to choice. ANGELINA is set to appear in the movie SALT 2 the first one i must i really did enjoy and also  MALEEFICENT The "Sleeping Beauty" tale is told from the perspective of the princess' evil nemesis, Maleficent. .Yet I can’t help but feel that as time goes by she will be devoting most of her time to her family  and other ventures outside the film industry. THIS IS VERY HONARABLE GETTING THE BALANCE IS NEVER EASY FOR ALL OF US.

Angelina Jolie's Journey to Cambodia


Inside The Actors Studio - Angelina Jolie






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