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You can count on one hand at times artist that as soon as you hear there voices a shiver goes right down your spine.Sometimes it may not be the artist but the song but there are times when both connect and you know something wonderful has just happened and that there wont be another moment or person like it. When I first heard ANITA BAKER (BORN 26TH JANUARY 1958,Baker was born in Toledo, Ohio, to a teenage mother who eventually gave the child she could not care for over to a Detroit couple, Mary and Granville Lewis. When the elderly Lewis’s died, their daughter, Lois Landry, and her husband, known as Daddy Landry whom Baker calls her "earth parents" reared her.)

Anita baker has done that very same thing to me not once but on many occasions when i have heard her sing over the years, It was  the summer of 1983 when BARRY THE BOOGIE MAN CURTIS(a local radio Dj) blasted me with song FEEL THE NEED from the album THE SONGSTRESS(RELEASED ON THE SMALL LABEL Beverly Glen Records) and I was blown away , up until this point two other singers had done that LUTHERVANDROSS and RENE DIGGS of the group STARPOINT .It was one of those MAN!IVE GOT TO GET THIS ALBUM MOMENTS .So that weekend I rushed to the local store RUBY RED RECORDS in Wolverhampton to put in my order and to my surprise the guys were already playing the album as I walked in to hear her distinct vocals    singing ANGEL I paused for as second before asking if this was the artist I had heard by the name of ANITA BAKER.I knew there then I




was in for a treat I rushed home all the while reading the cover and the inlay .She did not disappoint me, in fact the album was far more than that and since then anything she has put out theses ears have wanted to hear. RAPTURE of which many will say was her breakout album (and I wont argue there )followed on from the first and the world was blown away by ANITA BAKER .MARY J BLIGE was one of those artist for whom if it had not been for the inspiration of ANITA BAKER may have had to wait a little longer to get her record deal as she counts the singing of a ANITA BAKER song that clinched it for her .(Although with Mary’s talent it was always a question of when) other artist have sounded some what similar TONI BRAXTON for one  yet I would say the two have distinct and unique vocals also ANITA BAKER has stuck firmly to her jazz and soul roots and TONI has ventured more into the pop r&b arena at times. ANITA BAKER like most of us has been through her fare share of ups and downs yet she has always fought back and managed to stay focussed of which is a great example of an artist. From1987 through until 2007 she won countless GRAMMY AWARDS proving she was and will all ways be a bench mark that some of the young upon coming artist can still gain inspiration from whilst a the same time still managing to put out inspirational music herself .One of my



 biggest regrets was not seeing her in concert when she arrived on the shores following the massive success of the rapture album. And whenever she has come it seem that I’m either been unwell and someone has my ticket or there has my work duties that I have to carry out that get in the way. Artist like ANITA BAKER help many see that not all soul music today is the pop gangsta we all see on MTV and that there is another side, many who don’t know this get easily fooled into that way of thinking and I don’t just mean white people .Today the word SONGSTRESS at times can be used to liberally yet for me ANITA BAKER ( yes their are others to who this can be said and will be others to whom this will be said of)Anita Baker embodies the essence of what a true Songstress is. BY CW all rights reserved.

 FOR MORE ABOUT ANITA and to here her latest song lately  VIST HER WEBSITE HERE

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