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ANNE JAQUELINE HATHATWAY (BORN NOVEMBER 12TH 1982) is an actress of immense talent to begin with I must admit it took both of my daughters forcing me to watch THE PRINCESS DIARES as at the time I was very ill and didn’t want do much accept mope around the house .After watching it the lasting impression I got was, she’s going to be around for some time to come. Needless to say ,stay around is what she did appearing in hit movies  BROKE BACK MOUNTIAN ,HAVOC,GETSMART BECOMING JANE ,and THE PRINCESS DIARIES 2 RACHELS GETTINTG MARRIED  yet the one movie for me I enjoyed  was the DEVIL WEARS  PRADA  in which she appears opposite the genius that is MERYL STREEP, ANN HATHAWAY  didn’t seem fazed at all starring opposite  MERYL STREEP and if she did she sure didn’t show it This beyond doubt cemented in my mind that she is a force to be reckoned with  in 2009 She starred in the movie BRIDE WARS opposite KATE HUDSON as both characters battled it out on screen it was ANNS character I was drawn to the most as believable, not that  Kate didn’t turn in a performance, she did ,it was  that ANN`S character had me wishing the best for her even though it obvious as to the outcome. Yet still I was left  feeling there is so much to come from the talented young actress .Look out for her in Valentine’s Day ,also Alice in wonderland ,she  is set to reprise her role as agent 99 in GET SMART 2 other  movies in 2010 to look for are LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS,THE FIANCE ,THE OPPOSITE OF LOVE and in 2011 I hear she appear in the biopic as JUDY GARLAND now this has me already predicting  an Oscar , Ok I`M GONNA GO UT THERE  AND SAY THIS WILL WIN AN OSCAR .Please don’t email me and tell me I’m wrong but I have a feeling this lady is going rise higher than she is now. If I could however suggest a part she should play is that of ELIZA DOOLITTLE in a MY FAIR LADY remake .I say this because this is my favourite musical and I feel she could act the pants out this role seeing her dance with HUGH JACKMAN got me thinking about it even more. ANN HATHAWAY is a very versatile actress and as time goes by this is become so apparent. GO GET THAT OSCAR GIRL.By cw  all rights reserved











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