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 If I said the name Tony Harrington to you may not have a clue to whom I am referring to, if I sad ANTHONY DAVID you may then be familiar with the man and his work he`s one of soul music`s hidden gems yet not for long.With his new album AS ABOVE, SO BELOW featuring one of the probably one of this year’s best singles 4 MORE feat ALGEBRA &PHONTE yet the man’s skills did not simply appear overnight since the age of 19 ANTHONY DAVID  has steadily building a reputation in soul music and poplar music circles. Working closely along with close friend INDIA ARIE and also releasing and album through her record company (soul bird) and also sharing a performance on the single WORDS. ANTHONY DAVID does not possess the looks of USHER and alike. Yet what he does have is a truly soulful and unique vocal style as well as lyrically a positive and unique style that sets him widely apart from many of today’s artist, his musical style appears to be mainly all of his own you can’t really say he sounds like a mixture of this or that, because he just sounds like ANTHONY DAVID. With this new set on route its high time we took a steady dose of what this man is delivering .In a world where in music pretty much everything can sound like everything, ANTHONY DAVID sounds like himself. .Not bad for a man that started out a backing singer to becoming a accomplished writer and performer. The word versatile come to mind here yet all the above songs link beautifully together providing you with a musical treat, I can’t wait to buy this mans music. Recently president Obama was quote as saying Anthony David was an artist that he liked (amen to that) Itook my wife along to see he man recently when he visited the UK as as things would have it it was my 21st anniversary and i could think of nothing better than to round things off than going to see anthony hamilton in concert he certainly did not disappoint the both of us,i got to have a few words with after to thank him for his music he was so gracious yet shocked id been married 21 years ( you and me both anthony)never the less congratulated us.I must add artist like this make you believe in the true power of music then when used right it can be a powerful influence.Anthony david has a new album coming around september 2012 entitled LOVE OUT LOAD litsen to one of the songs from the set SO JADED and SWEETEST PAIN . (from his website BIO below)

In a time where genres and categories bleed into one another and morph into new hybrids, there will always be a space for the pure singer/songwriter who can address real life emotions in real time. Men will always need someone to express their emotive side, and women will always need to hear it. Humans will always need to feel, and artists are here to identify those feelings and paint pictures of sound with them. SInce the release of his first album in 2004, Anthony David has consistently been the man for that job, and has continually pushed forward and expanded.

Raised in Savannah GA, Anthony made the move to ATL, and hit the ground running in the local music scene. He found a long time friend and music collaborator in a then unknown India Arie, and became a part of her success.Writing and producing on her first 3 albums yielded grammies and numerous other awards, while he also toured singing backup for her. Arie pushed him to the front by her 2nd tour, having Anthony open up for her across the country, which led to a deal with Local Independent label, BRASH MUSIC.



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 You can visit ANTHONY DAVIDS website here






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