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If your one of those who are fussy about the kind of soul music you like and you like it sophisticated well rooted in soul music then try listening to ANTHONY HAMILTON his new album THE POINT OF IT ALL is newly released and again ANTHONY HAMILTON shows that he has grown in his music his style and even vocally in my humble opinion (which is not to be taken seriously people LOL )ever since the release of the first album COMIN FROM WHERE I`M FROM 2003 it was clear to me that this man is someone  that  more people should have in their music collection. ANTHONY HAMILTON has that vocal that takes you back to a time when soul music was soul music my friends say .I guess there is a lot of truth in that yet soul music has to grow as long as it ground in its original state these ears of mine can take it .This is how I feel about ANTHONY HAMILTON`S music and the new album is a point in case with so many good things on there, to be disappointed with it would be to miss the point of it all together .ANTHONY HAMILTON signed with Andre Harrell's Uptown Records imprint-then the epicenter of New Jack Swing and the bourgeoning hip-hop-soul movement with an all-star roster that included Jodeci and Horace Brown, in addition to Heavy D, Mary J. Blige and Guy. Unfortunately for Hamilton, the label folded soon after he completed his unreleased first album in 1995. Following Uptown's demise, Hamilton relocated to MCA, which put out his wonderful yet widely overlooked debut album, 1996's XTC. This time up ANTHONY HAMILTON Born JANUARY 28 1971 has worked with Mark Batson of whom he worked with on the COMIN FROM WHERE I`M FROM set and James Poyser and K

elvin Wooten then there’s the Avila Brothers who have worked if I can remember correctly here USHER amongst others .Also featured collaborator jack splash who has worked with Alicia keys. My favourite songs are hard to tell here as I like these man vocals a lot PLEASE STAY is so rich and soulful song I`M COOL, HER HEARTalso I DID IT FOR SHO and FALLIN IN LOVE are all songs I like here .ANTHONY HAMILTON in some respects here in the UK largely ignored  I would like to see this change but in an age where dance and Rap and rock hold sway  I guess it’s to be expected .Yet in some ways I don’t mind like most artist I have loved the best always tend to go largely ignored.Then when  everyone catches on your left with a smirk  on your face saying where have you been.

"I wanna change the game in a   way where I'm not knocking nobody out of the way, not claiming to be the best at this or that, but just doing wonders with the gift I've been given," says Hamilton. "I'm thankful I was standing in the way when God was throwing out musical talent, and I just wanna pass it on to the people and remain humble and shine a little bit...and smile."

Mr Hamilton is quickly catching many attention yet not soon enough for me .If you haven’t listen to any of his music (where in sam jones have you been! lol) and you like people such as BOBBY WOMACK

then listen to this man its like upgrading MR WOMACK himself or BILL WITHERS but ANTHONY HAMILTONS has his own way vof doing things . He is a class act so much that when the legendary AL GREEN decided to get in the studio ANTHONY HAMILTON was an act that they bought in on the beautiful song LAY IT DOWN amongst others  .Check out ANTHONY HAMILTON’s new album and any of the previous ones. He is already one of soul music benchmarks in my opinion and many younger acts would do well to listen to.

"I want   fans to hear my growth," says the Charlotte, North Carolina native. "But I also want to open up the ears of those who don't know about Anthony Hamilton. I don't always want to be known as the sad cat. I like to have a good time, too. I've taken fans to church and baptized them; there are those who say I've healed them with my music. Now we're going to boogie in the name of the Lord."


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