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There are some nmes within soul music you are born to say, and one of them has to ARETHA FRANKLIN(born March 25, 1942). You could always just say THE QUEEN OF SOUL and just get over and done with, yet recently Beyonce got it wrong when she elected to honour TINA TURNER with that role, Ah well .there was probably nothing meant by this yet it sort of saddened me. The first I heard Aretha it was 1981 and as I climbed the stairs at my cousins house this startling music blasted out with the voice of angel being born. The song was the Sam and Dave classic HOLD ON the album LOVE ALL THE HURT AWAY, for me at the time this was like learning to walk or ride a bike or seeing something anew and saying to yourself "WHOA". Aretha had held the title of queen of soul for some time yet upon until then my ears had never really stopped and truly listened. That day I did and was hooked the album still remains a favourite of mine and as the 80,s progressed it was great to see her getting the RESPECT she truly deserved. Also knowing LUTHER VANDROSS at the time would write and produce two of the project in the early 80,s JUMP TO IT and GET IT RIGHT. To think in 1980 it was most likely her role in the blues brothers movie that help kick start a career over again, as it was beginning to faulter.Sadly for me the WHO, S ZOOMIN WHO was a tad bit to commercial but so was a lot of R&B A NEW ALBUM IS DUE ENTITELD ..A WOMEN FALLING OUT OF LOVE (LONG LIVE THE QUEEN) Born 25th March 1942 she was raised in a god fearing family and started singing in church at an early age .At 14 years of age she landed her firs recording contract with battle records but teenage pregnancy would derail her career for a while. Strange though this may seem she would turn down a recording contract with MOTOWN records and sign instead for COLUMBIA RECORDS in 1960,but it would be six years later after she then signed to ATLANTIC RECORDS it was then that the hits began to role out 1967 I NEBVER LOVE A MAN ( THE WAY I LOVE YOU ) and songs like DO RIGHT WOMAN DO RIGHT MAN ,CHAIN OF FOOLS and my favourite song YOU MAKE FEEL LIKE A NATURAL WOMEN by 1968 she won her first Grammy . From then on into the 70,s the his that would all become timeless kept coming ,but near the end of the 70,s her star had waned somewhat disco was at its peak and soul music was being left for some of the new grooves that were about to hit the scene. Yet for me it was her role in the blues brothers in 1980 that was a wake up call to all those who then where being heralded as new queens .She would soon be signed to ARISA RECORDS under the guiding hands of CLIVE DAVIES IN 1981 LOVE AL THE HURT AWAY was released produced by the late ARIF MARDIN,the title song a duet with GEORGE BENSON ( ANOTHER ARTIST I LIKE) was a top ten billboard hit for her ,but I would be the team up for her next project with another upcoming and vastly talent LUTHER VANDROS that would put her right back on the map. JUMP TO IT showed that ARETHA had never lost indeed it appeared as if she had simply got better with time and new younger audience along with the mature ones where rocking to the beat .She followed this up with the GE IT RIGHT set and the very commercial WHOS ZOOMIN WHO at the time other well known artist GEORGE MICHEAL & THE EURYTHMICS started beating down the door to record with THE QUEEN OF SOUL for me a the time it was so good to see other artist s o wanting to be in her light .Artist like Aretha never really go away it always appears they might then they pop up to remind us just how great they still are . At the Grammies in 1998 was such an occasion when she at the last minute stood in for the great LUCIANO PAVOROTTI and sang NESSUN DORMAL.She had to perfume it in a language she did not know and make it look convincing ,well if you have seen that performance whether you like the classics or not that was a performance, one that many a so called queens would have stayed clear of ,she did It proving she could sing ANYTHING and ALL the hater s wrong .

On September 13, 2008, Franklin was ranked #19 on the Billboard Hot 100 All-Time Top Artists

She has won a grand total of 21 Grammies many of them without the aid of video technology and magazine cover shots all over the world . Rather (good old fashion raw talent) pioneering the way for many of the stars today even those who may be queen of what ever eventually bow down to the real queen .

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