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Just discovered this artist by the name of AUNJEL ADAMS she has a new album out entitled ALL OF ME and I must say it has stopped me in my tracks this is a great little gem to pick up on. The album has that smooth sort of flow to up and AUNJEL has a very varied yet soothing vocal that straight away grabs you. For me here the killer song was No Words I loved it and this keeps repeating on my IPOD and Blackberry. Other noteworthy songs include the acoustic Sweetest Woman, Meanest Woman here she seems so comfortable and appears shine. Second Chance has a soulful vibe to it that has you hitting the repeat button before the song is finished .Lyrically speaking AUNJEL is a very thought provoking artist, (listen to the song WOMAN) and to be honest I whish we had a lot more of this in the billboard charts of today’ both in soul music and music in general.I`m not complaining there are some great artist around but at times they aren’t allowed to shine through. We can help shift this if we support acts like AUNJEL who are willing to release there own material .Again this can only be a great thing, if we buy their music and go and check them out at live venues click there LIKE BUTTON on FACE BOOK or FOLLOW on TWITTER .This set contains a lot of great music and AUNJEL ADAMS has my support. This is how AUNJEL describes herself an it’s so fitting 

I consider myself a conscious artist; i bring you music with a message. i have words of encouragement words of wisdom words of feeling and the soul to go along with it. I am human and as such i am not perfect my album is called All of Me to represent that i am just that human not perfect and alot of people can relate to what im singing about. Here it is all of Me i gave it my all for everyone out there who appreciates real creative music. Produced by the amazing Brian Ford thank you!

This is a great set  I hope others get onboard .Remember the name AUNJEL ADAMS and the album ALL OF ME.

FOR MORE ABOUT AUNJEL ADAMS click here and here

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