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Another artist who`s album I have been checking out recently is BLAQ DAHLIA she’s a young Talented artist and has released an album entitled DARK FLOWER on this set she clearly demonstrates a diversity and depth to her music for me the killer track is Enlightened it has that 80`s drum rif that you use t hear a lot (with that light snare) with a now feel this should be a new release,other songs worth noting are When it’s over, Never thought and No place like home.Blaq Dahlia was born in Oklahoma City but has resided in Houston. She also explains that she has been in several female groups performing at different venues around Houston such as The Red Cat Jazz Cafe, Groovy Grill Mansion, Plaza 59, The Original Red Rooster, and other venues and events. I possess over 15 years of music both live, as well as studio performances and recordings. I have als

o had the opportunity to perform at the movie premier "Unspeakable" starring mult-talented actor/director, Dennis Hopper, in Houston. Because of my kind and giving heart, in my spare time I participate in every way I can with notable charities both locally and nationally. I recently was fortunate to attend and support a well-known Houston chapter named "The Houston Food Bank" where I assisted in collectiing canned food and dry goods to help the homeless and poverish. I have also performed at various political events. as well as the pleasure of opening up for such artist as R&B/Urban singer Angie Stone, Lenny Williams and Ollie Woodson of the Temptations, Michael Cooper, Tony Gambrel of Archie Bell & The Drells and a host of local Houston based artists. In her press release she also states Blaq Dahlia stats that "music is Peach, Harmony, and Power". Whether we realize it or not, we are all lyricists and composers. Our life is based upon what we write, sing, or play about. If our life is chaotic, we wrote it. The only way we can change a situation is to change self. And the way to change self is to change the tune and lyrics of our life. I would have to strongly agree with the thoughts stated here and she definitely does that through her music a great attempt. Blaq dahlia certainly has a very promising future  for this soul/rnb music diva,check out her new album DARK FLOWER. Released via Skinny Entertainment. Check out also her website here or on Facebook also. By CW devendo 1981 music movies.




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