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If like me you grew up reading MARVEL comics  Captain Marvel is 

a character you wanted to see on the big screen having said this 

the CAPATIN MARVEL i grew up reading was male over the years 

he was killed off and MISS MARVEL (ALTERED TO CAPTAIN 

MARVEL stood up  in a big way .At the ending of the AVENGERS 

INFINITY WARS a message is sent out to her and she is needed 

but where is she 

where has she been  some say maybe shes trapped or held 

somewhere. I don't believe she is or that she is on some sort of  

far flung mission.I believe she has deliberatlety put herself out  to 

self imposed exile REASON!! if the powers she meant to have are 

true then as spiders mans  uncle said with much power comes 

much responsibillty.What  happens when that's too much and you 


you may be  a threat to all life.i would like to suggest that a being 

who can move planets  is what is needed in the fight against  

THANOS. I would greatly suggest we will get a taste of that in the 

upcoming movie thus exciting us all for the showdown.