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One of the albums that’s has been quietly taking over my iPod space in that I keep playing it is the delectable supreme talents of one Carl Hudson and his album entitled   Zoology For Martians is gem of gems as he takes you on a journey through the cosmos  through time and space. Carl you see is educating and stimulating us with the grooves that we once use to vibe to this was once music for and of the elite. In many ways I still regard this as being so Carl along with the Digi Soul. Have in my opinion produced a masterpiece of art and deserves to been seen as such music like this is way beyond its times and yet this is what makes the whole concept work. Killer tunes like RED & YELLOW and then smooth cosmic grooves like SIX SPOTTED BURNETT MOTH (every song has KILLER vibes all throughout) allows you to drift and vibe at the same time. You get to admire is keyboard skills as each songs takes his artistry to a higher level leaving you feeling so grateful you have purchased the set (as I do).When I checked out the website about Carl I was greeted with this about the man and his music Zoology For Martians can best be described as a revolutionary concept album that provides (continue below)




soundtrack to evolution itself. Listen as it gently glides you through a magical journey from cell to primate, fusing a rare groove, jazz funk, soul cocktail of lush chords and goosebumpy grooves. With a gentle tip of the hat to classic instrumental jazz funk soul albums of the 70s you will expect to hear shimmers of Herbie Hancock, Freddie Hubbard, Don Blackman, George Duke and many more. I strongly agree with every word here and would go futher.What makes me so proud here is that this entire set  was recorded and produced and written right here in the UK  YES!!! Carl you are a cosmic Zen funk Master and Herbie, George Duke would both be proud if they had come up with this cosmic stellar groove that you. My one hope is that this gets the air play it truly deserves and that your skills and that of SOUL P and the gang get recognised ASAP. It warms the heart to know there are people who still appreciate this art form and respect it highly and have allowed it to influence and increase their skill set .I HIGHLY RECOMENED this master class of an album that has taken me through universe and back I found this a great drive to album. Now how can we all show some love for CARL HUDOSN Ah yes!! go and download it or better yet visit the DIGI SOUL website and buy it. The album is entitled Zoology for Martians. Written by CW Devendo 1981 music movies, com all rights reserved

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Just tried to submit album our Carl Hudson's Zoology for Martians album for consideration for The Mercury Music Award, turns out that if you don't have a distribution deal with a known distributer then you don't qualify? Do they realise how hard it is for Independent labels to get distribution deals in this day and age where CD's sales are dwindling? Kind of defeats the object of the award. The majors win again and you'll probably get a winner that looks like some kind of weirdo of nature with an out of tune voice that people will find quirky and original. Apparently having albums available on Amazon worldwide and iTunes worldwide isn't enough distribution!

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