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CHAKA KHAN (born Yvette Marie Stevens, March 23, 1953) has a career that younger rnb a  rtist should be envious of  toady, I’m sure if most of the young artist could look back in 15 – 20 years from now and say I have achieved at the level of success she has they would be more than proud of themselves .From the word go music seems have been part of her makeup. Forming a group at the age of 11 must tell you something about her  .After later being in various different bands she would join up with KEBEIN MURPHY and ANDRE FISCHER to form the group RUFUS . Yet for me although hearing her sound (and liking it) It was in 1983 that I  was exposed to the full power of CHAKA KHAN the album STOMPING AT THE SAVOY live, all I can say about that set is WOW!   And I still get that even now. I made it my business to hunt down previous material from this beautiful women, and came across a song she had recorded with the late ARIF MARDIN called I`M EVERY WOMEN I was totally blown away by the emotion and the soulfulness of the song it was a song that CHAKA KHAN can claim as her own its became an anthem for her .Later WHITNEY HOUSTON later did a very good cover of the song of which on the outgoing end you can hear her sing CHAKA KHAN (also Chaka  can be seen in the video).CHAKA has never  been one to be pigeon holed she has work with an array of artist  not always  in the soul music  genre.


I make music for reasons that are a lot more spiritual and meaningful than an award.

Despite the huge success she was having in 1982 she recorded the album ECHOES OF AN ERA a superb set of jazz greats that she reworked and put the CHAKA KHAN stamp on it. By 1984 she was in the studios recording what would be one the biggest hit albums of the 80`s I FEEL FOR YOU with the title track being an absolute smash for me it was the first time I ever heard of  a rapper appearing  on what was a soulful rnb groove ,yet the combination worked a treat. She would come to the UK and this dude was happy to hear anything this lady would sing (great times people) over the years KHAN has continued to record many memorable songs and when KANYE WEST  sample the song THROUGH THE FIRE  and renamed it THROUGH THE WIRE  it was obvious where the influence came from. The hits CHAKA KHAN has had read like a book with twist and turns ups and downs but always with a great rich mixture of the music we all love whilst keeping her own integrity, no one can


ever she sounds like or is like anyone else but CHAKA KHAN .This is the reason for her long career, in 2007 she worked with jimmy jam and terry lewis and released the album FUNK THIS it was one her best to date in my humble opinion. Simply put younger artist need to get inspiration and if you look at CHAKA KHAN you will right from the start she worked with all sorts of artist and picked a whole load of inspiration from this she appears not to have been limited her she has never appeared to manipulate or shock her audience into buying her material sure she was and still is a very fine women and who can forget the hair, and yet for her it’s all about the music. I f ever we needed a musical benchmark then chaka is one of those  benchmarks who continues to inspire artist of today  you may not always see this yet  it true.She  seems never to be bitter but has learned from life and this seems to have given her an inner calm to be more acceptable   about things and who she is ,i have a feeling she learned that some time ago. In talking about music  she had this to say . CHAKA KHAN in many ways is EVERY WOMEN .

 Do you know how they say there is nothing you wouldn't do for the one you love? Well, my music is my man.




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