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It was about April 1981 when as a young teenager I was searching the airways looking for a different sound than the ones I was hearing, sure there wasn’t that much wrong I guess. PUNK was in ROCK was in the NEW WAVE music was beginning to ascent DISCO music was descending JAZZ FUNK as we called it was beginning to catch hold as well as the ROOTS REGGAE(OF WHICH MANY OF MY FRIENDS &BROTHERS BECAME RASTA MEN) also the MOD era was in there to. So why was I bored maybe that wasn’t it I just wanted to here something new but it had to be real good. Suddenly I hit on a local radio station and the DJ MIKE BAKER was counting down the top 10 dance songs he had reached the number one slot but had elected to play not the number one song but, a song featured on the groups album .The group was called CHANGE and the song was entitled HEAVEN OF MY LIFE from the album MIRACLES. Right there and then I had to have this I saved my pocket money for weeks then walked the 3 and half miles to town to buy this album. Since then CHANGE became one of my favourite bands along with a few others . At the time the country was steeped in celebrating the upcoming marriage of CHARLES &DIANA whilst I was being reborn with the new sounds that each Tuesday night I with hearing . CHANGE was for those who don’t know a studio band formed by JAQUES FRED PETRUS ,DAVIDE ROMANI ,MAURO MALAVASI AND PAOLO GIANOLO who formed the main core of the business writing producing and arranging the music .What was so unique was the sound that these talented man managed to produce and how they did it. By all accounts they would record the music in Italy. Then take that music to America in search of great vocalist to the sing on the tracks . MIRACLES was the second album so I had some catching up to do .The first album THE GLOW OF LOVE came to my attention whilst trying to locate another artist I had heard at the time KENI BURKE, realizing I had no more money left to buy It I 




waited until early February 1982 and in the bitter winter of that year purchased it. It would introduce me to the voice of LUTHER VANDROSS but at the same time reaffirm just how good these people where, That same year the third album was released SHARING YOUR LOVE but sadly it was not well received even though it contained some wonderfully crafted music THE VERY BEST IN YOU being one of them. For the first time we got to see all the band on the cover .This wasn’t change I told myself sure JAMES ROBINSON was there but what of DIVA GREY ,GORDON GRODY,well it seems MR PETRUS had other ideas ,and just as what happened after the first album with Luther (&Jocelyn Shaw now brown) we now saw again being played out. Rumour has it Luther turned down the lead vocal due to payment differences, so they bought in James Robinson. Again DIVA had gone and DEBORAH COOPER stepped in along with other faces that would soon replace the original line up. Even the writing of songs started to include writers that had not earlier appeared. CHANGE was indeed changing. By the time the fourth album hit the streets THIS YOUR TIME all but James Robinson /Mauro Malavasi from the 1981 set, was gone the album lacked the same sparkle but there were some gems GOT TO GET UP and THIS IS YOUR TIME. It seemed that things would never be the same as on the 1980 1981 albums .Indeed in 1984 PETRUS took another change he went to the top producers of the day JIMMY JAM &TERRY LEWIS and sure enough CHANGE OF HEART was a massive hit for the band. They came to the UK but being stupid and longing for something that would surely never happen I refused to going t see the band even though I loved the album. Thinking back this was so stupid, the music was still good ,sure different people yet CHANGE was still rocking it. Inside I was proud to see that one my best kept secrets was out there yet I was jealous everyone else knew it. The last album would arrive and their was another change JIMMY AND TERRY had gone and production duties had been taken over by TIMMY ALLEN the bassist and lead vocal on some of there songs .What was good was DAVID ROMANI had written one of the songs LETS GO TOGETHER. Although many at the time would say this was there weakest set that song to me made all the difference it showed that old didn’t have to mean busted but a the same time new didn’t mean better. In 1986 awaiting what I thought would be another change album I was greeted with news that JAQUES FRED PETRUS had been shot and killed, right there and then I knew it was over there would be no more CHANGE as I sat listening to the song TURN ON YOUR RADIO, My mind drifted back to that night I did TURN ON MY RADIO and for the first time heard there sound, the sound of real musicians jamming and it sounding so good ,new and yet old, but real good. So to the MEN MENTIONED ABOVE THANK YOU you introduced this dude to music, not just soul music but jazz, blues and classical. Its all in there, you just have to listen.




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