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 When it comes to party time one record any DJ must have is OOP,S UPSIDE YOUR HEAD by THE GAP BAND that song is a sure fire way to get people on there feet and if they don’t then your best to take your leave because nothing else will do the trick .THE GAP BAND was made up of CHARLIE ,ROBERT & RONNIE WILSON they were a pioneering group of R&B group of the 70,s and 80,s with hits like the former mentioned and YOU DROP THE BOMB ON ME and one of my favourites songs OUSTANDING ,EARLY IN MORNING and YEARNING FOR YOUR LOVE . Charlie Wilson( Born January 29th 1953) had the voice though a voice that if he didn’t know it then was going to be and inspiration to other young vocalist going into the 90,s listen to R. Kelly OR EVEN Aaron Hall of GUY fame Keith Sweat GUY even did a very impressive cover of the GAP BAND song YEARNING FOR YOUR LOVE and Wilson covered there song LETS CHILL. There hit song OUTSTANDING has been sampled to death over the years. You can here the influence in my aspect of Soul and R&B music right up until this day. Since then in the late 80,s CHARLIE has continued to grace us with powerful vocals and in recent years I for one was glad to see him up and recording even if it was by himself .In 2005 he release an album entitled CHARLIE LAST NAME WILSON produced by none other than R . Kelly .He was feature in the hit song along with SNOOP DOG and JUSTINE TIMBERLAKE SIGNS and didn’t you just know it was Charlie without even seeing the video. Well once again we are glad to see him back .   

Anyone who knows me knows that I love the GAP BAND and that being said CHARLIE WILSON so it was a great welcome back ,the new album from Charlie  was released. Entitled JUST CHARLIE is a big step up from the last set UNCLE CHARLIE .Don’t get me wrong I liked that set despite some weaknesses. There are some killer songs here people  YOU ARE being one of them  and showing Charlie in fine form as only Charlie can be ,there is a nice cover of the ROGER TROUTMAN song I WANNA BE YOUR  MAN  featuring  FANTASIA. Other song highlights include NEVER GOT ENOUGH which has that certain gap band feeling to it yet keeps to the vibes of today. LIFE OF THE PARTY for me is another highlight (I keep playing this one) CHARLEI has always delivered great songs and on this set he does just so even when the songs are not that strong like for example LOTTO  CHARLIE WILSON still delivers . I don’t know about you but I see a soul revival going on and 2011 can only be great, especially if we have veterans of the music leading the way like CHARLIE WILSON, True in parts this set is a tad commercial yet with vocals like Charles the funk and soul music  feel is never far away ,there is enough here for those of us who don’t remember the GAP BAND days and are to keen on the 70`s and 80`s  vibe but enjoy  soul of the last 20 years  CHARLIE  has managed  to give us all a little something  worth  every penny  .












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