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Another British actor that I really like and that we here feel should get much props is COLIN SALMON he has appeared in many TV shows appearing in PRIME SUSPECT II, DR WHO for a starters also in recent years you can see him in the JAMES BOND movies DIE ANOTHER DAY, THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH and TOMORROW NEVER DIES he can also be seen in the ALIEN VS PREDATOR, THE BANK JOB movie as well as RESIDENT EVIL.COLIN SOLMON was born 6 December 1962 London England but was raised in LUTON.As well as the TV AND film he has also appeared in the theater  in Arianne, Queen Elizabeth Hall and After Darwin, All or Nothing at All, Buddy, and Head in the Machine. There was wide speculation that he could possibly be the next bond a role that was handed to DANIEL CRAIG yet with his charming looks and strong commanding voice (I have worked hard on my voice. As a child I sang in choirs and as an adult the depth has meant I have to concentrate on being clear and avoiding mumbling).he would have carried





that role for sure, but for now let’s see what a MR CRAIG can do. In the mean time we can continue to watch this outstanding actor who in my opinion deserves more. Again COLIN SALMON along with other outstanding Black British actors (Patterson Joseph) was being touted as the new DR WHO. Yet this was not to be he his however set to appear in DR WHO. COLIN is a very unique actor at home where ever he seems to be TV film & Theatre he’s even appeared in a music video KEISHA WHITES "Don't Mistake Me" music video in 2006 I am a father and sometimes I want to stay close to home. By varying the workplace it gives me space to breathe. I enjoy theatre because it reminds me I’m mortal and it’s terrifying when it goes wrong but the most thrilling experience when it flies. Television has been good to me and I feel we have a brilliant drama and documentary tradition that has been instrumental in my background.



  He`s lined up to appear in the movie CLUBBED 2009 and again with PAUL W  S ANDERSON new flick alongside JASON STATHAM in THE MAN WITH THE FOOTBALL. When Paul calls I respond. I feel he has an incredible eye and vision of this film business. Plus I now consider him a friend. It surely can be only a matter of time before this man really strikes a chord with not just the British public but the world. Colin KEEP DOING YOUR THANG! CLICK HERE FOR RECENT INTERVIEW WITH THE MAN


colin can be seen in the movie Resident Evil Retribution





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