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I f you love soul music then I don’t need to say much about this lady CONYA DOSS she arrived on the scene in 2002 with the album A POEM ABOUT  Ms DOSS and ever since then she has been building  a steady fan base all over the world. Every album release has been a joy to litsen to and if like me when you hear she has new material you stand to attention as this diva always seems to deliver. For me it was the LOVE RAIN ALBUM that completely captured me and her follow up album STILL of which has a permanent listing on my iPod. CONYA DOSS is an independent artist and as such works real hard to give the public quality  music that they will play for a long time .It is such artist we need to ensure this genre of music survive`s  and we can easily do this by actively downloading LEGALLY her songs  either the albums or singles .If you are one of those people  who actively ask themselves what in the name of soul music ! has happened  to soul music then part of the problem is caused when we ask others who have downloaded albums( they have obtained legally) to copy such for us instead of downloading  for ourselves  or we down load it ILLEGALLY this surely can’t do artist like this any good, and is in fact sad top say a great harm. If we wish to play our part we don’t have to leave home although seeing this lady live is a treat and CONYA if you are reading this don’t forget us brits we love your music also. It would be a real shame to lose artist like this with soul music /rnb in a slightly better condition than it was a few years back, let’s keep supporting these people acts like CONYA DOSS more than deserves it. For what they give back in the high quality music they bring out. VOTED Best Underground Artist” at the 2008 BET J Virtual Awards and received the 2008 Soul tracks Award for “Female Vocalist of the Year, she is so worth it. CONYA DOSS has a new album coming out called  BLU TRANSITION make sure you  check it out ,as this will be one of the highlights of 2010. Conya has since released a new album APOCKET FULL OF PURPOSE check it out .

from her face book page

There’s a reason Conya Doss looks so comfortable onstage, gently swinging her hips like a day lily caught in a summer’s breeze, singing in a voice that’s equal parts honey and hellfire. It’s because she’s used to it. As a teacher of children with special needs within the Cleveland public school system, this thirty something soul ingenue faces an audience tougher than most, nearly every day. Of late, this audience has also come to include throngs of R&B and neo-soul aficionados enticed by Conya’s sweet, supple delivery and heartfelt lyrics. Conya possesses an indistinguishable reverence to the soul divas of yesteryears by encompassing invigorating vocals with thought-induced messages that silhouette charismatic, rhythmically charged production that simultaneously blazes a trail for her brand of melodic soul. Her music is not lost among the pantheon of new crooners, but instead invokes the spirits of legendary composers-singers such as Chaka Khan, Betty Wright, Natalie Cole, Me’shell N’Degeocello and Alanis Morisette.

Nestled between Indiana and Pennsylvania, lies a state that has yet to be fully tapped of it’s musical capacity. In a region whose lineage reflects that of Babyface, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Tracy Chapman, Marilyn Manson, Gerald Levert, The O’Jays, Macy Gray, James Ingram, Roger Troutman and Zapp, The Gapp Band and Avant among others, Conya is the latest female vocalist to emerge from and hold steadfast to her Midwestern roots. Much like what her predecessors Erykah Badu, India.Arie and Jill Scott did for Dallas, Atlanta and Philly, Conya has already pinned Ohio on the soul music map. Having graced the covers of many local publications, selling out shows in the Midwest, regularly appearing on FOX 8 News Cleveland and collaborating with Detroit vocalist Dwele on McDonald’s nationwide McCafe commercial, her awards include “Best Female Vocalist” by Soultracks, the leading online resource dedicated to classic and modern Soul music, receiving the "Heineken Redstar Soul Artist of the Year," "Best Female Vocalist" at Ohio Hip Hop Awards, a nomination for “Best Underground Artist” at the BET J Virtual Awards and listed on iTunes as “Best R&B Underground/Indie Artist” and “Best R&B Indie Track” for the single “It’s Over.”

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Doss has been busy burning the midnight oil composing and arranging music for this dazzling, well-crafted 2010 album that sets the tone for what lies ahead. Her unabashedly emotional fifth studio album Blu Transition, with Blu being the name of her newborn son, is not only a collection of words set to music, it is a great gift; an energy exchange that reflects the duality of love and pain. It’s an anointed story. It’s one of endurance, but more importantly it is about life being full of unexpected moments with both tragedies (death) and triumphs (birth). With a refreshingly crisp and remarkable vocal range, as well as sparse yet beautiful instrumentation, Conya Doss has found success in simplicity. Each note she parts her lips to sing, Doss sets free a pure tone that moves you through lifetimes, which is like a light bulb turning on in one’s head; a gentle reminder that there are other people to consider in life besides oneself.

We last heard Doss on 2008’s Still, a culmination of all of her previous studio albums that offered yet another glimpse into her musical journey and fans appreciated her growth. The exceptionally mat


ure and inventive effort landed the soulstress on the Billboard Charts. The single “What I Do” peaked at #78 and placed #39 on Adult Contemporary Radio. It's the singer’s magical ability to deliver a potent mixture of confessional, bittersweet and meaningful lyrics with childlike charm. Conya punctuates the fact that she is a mesmerizing force of nature who has successfully rid herself of any misused genre labels. She is just as comfortable with lascivious R&B wails as she is with gospel-themed fare.

Born and raised in Cleveland, Conya has been singing since she was five years old, first groovin’ to the likes of Stevie Wonder and Angela Winbush. She attended Cleveland’s famed School of the Arts, where future stars such as Avant would also cut their teeth.
Ironically, in working with underprivileged youth in the public schools, Conya has learned as much from her students as they have from her. These lessons were painted in broad strokes on Conya’s candid, endearing 2002 debut, A Poem about Ms. Doss which she co-wrote and co-produced and whose title was inspired by a letter to her from a student in her classroom.

With her 2004 sophomore album Just Because there were no tales of wanton bed hopping, no bling-bling, just earnest, expressive songs of heartbreak, salvation and praise. Conya fluently took her listeners on a journey of finger snapping and head gyrating wondrous grooves laced with an electric blend of instruments that rode each beat with finesse. Boasting ten choice cuts, Conya wrote, arranged, and produced over half of the album, only enlisting a small qualified team of gifted producers to help compliment her raw sound. It was songs like “Sweet Love,” “Missing You” and “Stay” that became indie scene classics.

In 2006 Conya released her third effort, Love Rain Down, the compelling songbird poured passion and appealing eccentricity into a dozen stunningly inventive jams that reflected quintessential soul music infused with a pinch of subtle funk. The music was a tribute and a praise to icons such as Bonnie Raitt, Doobie Brothers and Jane Child. Each tune effortlessly strong and beautiful, capturing the exuberance of finding love, as well as the disappointment associated with losing it. The mid-west native encompassed far more than infectious rhythms and silken-voiced hits, she established her own definite sound instead of following radio trends.

Her music is an organic experience- a hybrid collection of up-tempo jams and fluid slow grooves that artistically join her sleek voice with intoxicating melodies. Through it all, Conya’s remained grounded. And therein lies much of her appeal. In a time when many pop stars have become further and further removed from the folks that they speak to with their custom made looks and unattainable lifestyles, Conya remains a lot like us: a tender, tough, self-possessed young lady who puts her community before commercial concerns. When summing up what her music is about, Conya offers a simple answer: “Life in general.” Not just hers, but ours as well












 for more about conya go to her website click here


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