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CORRINE BAILEY RAE (born 26th February 1979) breezed on to the music scene in 2006 and promptly began taking it apart. Her music was such a relief to my ears at the time and to have someone from these shores doing it like that was a bonus. With hits such as PUT YOUR RECORDS ON and TROUBLE SLEEPING and LIKE A STAR my favourite, the world was suddenly woken up to a new sound of which was all hers. This was no flash in the pan there was no xfactor involved here. As I recall she was influenced by the mixture of soul and jazz music she had begun listening to whilst at Leeds University. She had started to write her own music for sometime and by the time she was approached by MARK HILL form the ARTFUL DODGERS she was already, ready and as a result was signed to a major record label and the rest is history .My worry was could she duplicate this again on the second album as the shock loss of her husband was a big blow to her. My worry here was the press would hound this talented lady to death. Yet she appears to have come out of this seemingly well. CORRINE BAILEY RAE whether she knows this or not is a fighter I don’t think with her background she would have gotten very far had she not been , some people have to fighter harder think tougher ,to make it in any industry especially those  from an ethnic background or if your female .

 "My sisters and I were different and people used to say, 'Ah, aren't they cute, the little chocolate children', and "look at their hair"."I know they were only being cute but it was over the top. Then people from other schools would shout Iraqi and more often 'Paki' (a commonly used racist term in the UK) to me because it was the most common racist insult of the time. 'At least if you're going to do it, get it right,' I used to shout back, 'But my dad isn't from Pakistan, he's from St Kitts—so there!'

Can she follow up from her initial success? YES she can but I don’t think her market is here in the UK humbly I will always be a fan but I think the US has taken her even more to heart and will continue  to do. She has appeared alongside many a huge acts form the US one artist I enjoyed listen to and discovered musically myself is HERBIE HANCOCK   and her collaboration with him on the JONI MITCHELL LETTERS, on the song THE RIVER. CORRINE BAILEY RAE Is a beautiful & talented sista form the UK lets be proud of her and give her the support, she so richly deserves.The new album is called The Heart Speaks in Whispers and will be released in 13TH MAY 2016 expect  I expect great things here judging by these two latest songs I think this possibly her best material to date and shows just how much as an artist she has grown. 

Lady its so good to have you back i hope you are given back as much as you have  given us.





 Corinne Bailey Rae - Been To The Moon

 I so want this to be HUGE!!!!


Corinne Bailey Rae - "Green Aphrodisiac" -  Live Sessions





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