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I must say I got a peak at the MOBO awards the other night, and that was in time to watch john legend perform and see Estelle pick up her awards I was surprised at as to what the strength of feeling was, about the LEONA LEWIS no show .I wonder who advised her on this (SIMON COWELL HMMMM) I guess the harsh reality people is that this is a business and the dollar is more mightier than pound, or is it? yes for the time being success in America is seen as big time success everywhere. Based on this I can only presume this is why the commitment to forgo the MOBO awards to pick up an award elsewhere happened, I wonder if the MOBO awards are even seen in the USA.Yet still it was good to see British soul doing ok my only gripe is whilst ESTELLE and others get there 5mins of fame will they still be there in another year or two. Case in point  CRAIG DAVID  when he came on the scene a while back my thoughts  where that he would be around for a very long time and like a lot of brit soul  acts he did us proud in the us, not that  any of the music pundits here cared. Yet 3 albums later that has all changed for this talented man, yes the music scene has changed and to a large degree his success came off the back of a music trend, when he tried to do his own thing the public said no, this I feel was a shame and not the only time that a British soul act has found this out. CRAIG DAVID released a new album TRUST late in 2007 to which HOT STUFF and OFFICIALLY YOURS where released, with very limited success although things did start out bright, he has failed to recapture the success he had achieved   especially in the USA market. Born 5th May 1981 IN SOUTHAMPTON UK, CRAIG DAVID rose to fame as the featured vocalist on the ARTFUL DODGER song REWIND. This lead to the first and most successful to date of his albums BORN TO DO IT which was huge all over the world .Saying this the follow up SLICKER THAN THE AVERAGE I felt was impressive featuring the killer song RISE AND FALL in 2005 he released THE STORY GOES and by know the hits had in a sense dried up a little. In 2007 TRUST ME was released here then later in the USA.CRAIG DAVID showed at the MOBO awards that he is still a force to be reckoned with .There is a new album on the way (CRAIG DAVIDS GREATEST HITS IN NOVEMBER) and I am looking forward to hearing it .He has re recorded WALKING AWAY one of his earlier hits for the album. I still believe that this man will come good, why? Well for one thing here in Europe we fall in love with our artist for good or bad I’m not sure that this can be said in the usa .A lot of acts that have since faded in the USA have still found they can do it outside in Europe .This being the case LEONA look out .I must admit,still the lady can belt out a tune even if it’s not exactly my cup of tea.





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