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H 1970) better known as QUEEN LATIFAH has stealthily built up what I would call a firm reputation within the entertainment industry and with fans the world over she is both charismatic beautiful and strong .The kind of lady that fits nicely into any mould and comes out shining. She started out beat boxing then moved in rapping being signed up to TOMMY BOY RECORDS (remember them) she became an instant hit with albums such as ALL HAIL THE QUEEN 1989 NATURE OF A SISTA 1991 BLACK REIGN 1993 AND ORDER IN THE COURT 1998 as she was recording these she was giving us little glimpses of what was to come. After ORDWER IN THE COURT she would completely shift over to singing soul/jazz standards and this man was still digging her style, with THE DANA OWENS and TRAVLIN LIGHT albums. In the meantime she building on her acting skills and gaining experience on TV and later FILM appearing in as support in movies like HOUSE PARTY 2 ,JUICE, and JUNGLE FEVER  whilst at the same time hosting THE QUEEN LATIFAH SHOW 1999-2001 she  appeared on THE FRESH PRINCE  OF BEL AIR a few times  and it was then I remember thinking hey this lady is going places .Yet it was the 1998 film SET IT OFF that  she would score a big hit with, she  would also appear alongside HOLLY HUNTER in the movie  LIVIN OUT LOAD  she  popped up the following year 1999 in the DENZEL WASHINGTON film THE BONE COLLECTER  again building her reputation as a serious actress three years later DANA OWENS got what I call the rocket launch  her role as “matron  mama morton “ in the acclaim film CHICAGO which also starred CATHERIN ZETA JONES to whom she lost out to in the academy awards .In 2003 she would team up with STEVE MARTIN in the hilarious movie BRINGING DOWN  THE HOUSE boy have we had plenty of laughs watching that movie. She has continued to appear in numerous movies Scary Movie, Barbershop 2, Taxi, Kung faux, Hairspray Last holiday in 2007 she produced and starred in THE PERFECT HOLIDAY the following year 2008 she starred alongside the lovely DIANE KEATON and KATIE HOLMES in MAD MONEY .She is set to star alongside JAMIE FOX and JESSICA ALBA in VALENTINES DAY set for 2010.Its safe to say this women has earned her keep sure there are those hater s but if you can’t do anything you can always hate. DANA OWEN S has both won and earned respect because she challenges the norm but keeps things real at the same time like all of us she is not perfect but sets a great example of what real entertainers should be like in style and grace, more power to her. At this moment in time all most would like to see is a new rap album, of which I hear as already been  done.

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