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I must say DAVID HAREWOOD Born 8TH DECEMBER 1965 is an actor I should have featured in this website a long time ago he was born not far from me in SMALLHEATH BIRMINGHAM ENGLAND and unlike most black British actor seems to regularly find work on the stage and in the small screen. He played a memorable role alongside LEONARDO DeCAPRIO in the movie BLOOD DIAMOND and on stage in OTHELLO a graduate of RADA he one of England’s shining lights and seems to pop up everywhere. I would like to see his success replicated many times over within the media .Yet sadly this is not the case and I fear will never be .This is not the 



end of the world as long as when our stars appear in front us we give them praise they are due black or white, and as long as they are also truly talented. DAVID HAREWOOD is not just a talented actor but a hard working chameleon. This has made him a exception but not the rule there would have to be changes from the grass roots up within the British media to allow that sort of change ( and i dont mean race). One is that I humbly believe this countries market is too small to accommodate it all. Yet with gifted actors like this man, and a local boy it makes one feel very proud. The next level is to see this man playing an even more substantive role in a Hollywood movie because i believe the economics within Uk mean thats going to be a hard slog.


 I think perhaps it’s to do with economics in the UK. There is a black middle class in America - you have a black president, black CEOs, you’ve got black political analysts and you turn on CNN and you have black anchors.

Although i would agree with this i think the Uk is in a good place and will get better with more money being invested in the arts . I guess we could settle for a British funded, produced   and directed film that could bring this man and many other black and white actors together but with DAVID in the leading role, it could prove to be a winning combination . The Americans have been doing so for some time now. It’s time we truly got to know our ethic side in England rather than overlook it in some area`s it time ethnics got to really know themselves rather than just overlook failings in some areas only to pick on subjects and areas that do not move us forward but holds back.DAVID HAREWOOD is such an actor looking forward and not holding back. He and many actors of black origin deserve the recognition not because of the skin colour but because  they are well and truly talented . David can now be seen in the US hit TV series Homeland alas someone can recognise talent and this man has it in spades sadly the Uk shores are to small and sadly narrow of mind (AT TIMES)  for a talent like davids to be fully appreciated not that i am having a go at they way things are, they are what they are, and david like so many other black actors have simply moved to a country where there is a need for talent like his and there is also a sector of people who want to see his talent on the big screen.This isnt a  sad move as some may put after all we dont know what were missing to know wether to be sad or not, and do many of us care i leave that answer to you.

‘It’s taken me 26 years and a couple of trips to America to convince people in the UK that I can carry a show and that I can be a leading man. It’s taken a long time, and that’s frustrating, but I’m just glad that I got there.’ said david in a recent interview with Radio times.>>>>more celebrities

homeland website



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