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There actors and I guess you’ve heard me say this before and theirs DENZEL WASHINGTON sure there are other outstanding actresses MERYL STREEP and actors MORGAN FREEMAN, JACKNICHOLSON to name a few who easily fit that mold. Yet for me DENZEL WASHINGTON embodies all that acting is about he is the reason I go to the movies in fact it was watching the movie CRY FREEDOM that did it for me I can still remember the claps at the end of the film and the shouts from white as well black people there to free NELSON MANDELA, such was the emotion evoked that night. Denzel Washington was born December 28th 1954 and made his debut on film in 1981 in a movie called carbon copy but his started to shine  through when he appeared in the TV series ST ELSEWHERE, this would be the beginning of great things to come .Next up in 1987 was the above mentioned CRY FREEDOM directed by SIR RICHARD ATTENBORUGH, many like myself thought then  he would win the Oscar for his part, but DENZEL was up against some strong opposition for that and so it was not to be. In 1989 he stars in another excellent movie GLORY and this time around the Oscar for best supporting actor was his  for his role as a defiant slave in the army ,in the movie which I might add, was nothing short of excellent. If you get the chance get yourself a copy of FOR QUEEN AND COUNTRY this is  another excellent performance by the man and was released I believe that same year. Since then he has starred in such memorable films such as TRAINING DAY, AMERICAN GANGSTER and the brilliant MALCOM X for which he won much praise, MARTIN SCOR


SE called it one of the best films of the 90,s well I would say of the last 20 years or more in my humble opinion. There were other movies like MO BETTER BLUES

Denzel worked with director SPIKE LEE of whom he worked with several times including the MALCOM X BIOPIC. During the early 90,s he would star opposite some of the biggest stars of the day JULIA ROBERTS for one in the film THE PELICAN BRIEF and in THE CRIMSON TIDE opposite GENE HACKMAN. He would also star opposite a young relatively unknown actor RUSSELL CROWE in the movie VIRTUOSITY in 1995 the two would reappear together in the film AMERICAN GANGSTER .AT the end of the 90,s he would end it with a bang in the wonderful portrayal of RUBIN HURRICANE CARTER in the movie HURRICANE yet the film cause controversy over certain accuracy’s within it. This still won him a golden globe for his part and he was nominated for an Oscar. As the new millennium rolled around I wondered then had he peaked and would he ever reach the heights of the 90,s in 2001 he would star in the movie REMMBER THE TITANS whilst holidaying in Florida that year I managed to see the movie and true to form it was brilliant centre on a segregated school and how the love of football brought people together. In 2001 that same year he would app

ear in TRAINING DAY playing a very nasty police officer a role many felt was unusual for him as he had always portrayed as they saw it the good guy. Yet this was acting and Denzel Washington is an actor, one who looks at a story and if likable and challenging wants to t


ake it on, this wasn’t calculated as many seemed to think. In 2003 and 2004 he appear in OUT OF TIME and in what I think was an excellent movie MAN ON FIRE (TRULY BRILLIANT) and in 2006 the equally brilliant INSIDE MAN again working with spike lee, a follow is in the works I believe .Denzel has directed two films THE GREAT DEBATORS and ANTWONE FISHER. He is set to appear opposite JOHN TRAVOLTA in THE TAKING OF PELHAM 123 and THE MATARESE CIRCL E he also set to film later this year THE BOOK OF ELI. I can’t wait to see them all; Denzel is a quality actor and yes from time to time has picked some not so good movies to appear in, yet name me an actor or director and actress who haven’t done the same. It s an honour to see the likes of him on the screen as he brings a certain type of integrity to every movie and an entertaining edge that few have. He is a pioneer of his craft one that many young actors dare ignore if they are to be successful within this cut thought business…












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