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To me it seems like yesterday that whilst walking through a market place with my mother and sister at age 7 or 8 I looked down and saw her face my sister instantly new who they were I on the other hand took a liking to one of the backing singers they where DIANA ROSS &THE SUPREMES  the album was THE CRÈAM OF THE CROPS I still remember begging my mom to buy it for me ,and being the mother she was she bought .All the way around that market I would  stare at the cover  not knowing a single thing about the music  just feeling that it would be good. When I arrive home  I took out my portable record player on the living room floor  and played  it from beginning to the end enjoy every song ,I still remember the look of joy on my fathers face as he watch on ,not  knowing then  what a music lover he was .Over the years Diana Ernestine Earle Ross (born March 26,


1944 ) would be a name that hung around like a quality diamond in our house .She was both beautiful ,stylish ,charismatic and talented .Sure  she wasn’t ARETHA  but she had that look  and style that many of today’s  acts  try to copy .The DIANA  ROSS  story has been well told and I for one would not want to dwell on any negatives ,yet you must be a stubborn person to deny the effect  she has had on music . Sure some would present so many what if`s and it`s only be cause’s, yet that’s what they are all guess`s and the fact that everyone has a leg up in the music industry .getting signed is a leg up and one requires help to take the next level,I will not argue the rights and wrong here .What DIANA ROSS  did when she arrived was to set the world alight musically  along with  BARBARA MARTIN  (who replaced Batty McGowan) FLORENCE BALLARD  and DIANA the trio signed  to MOTOWN RECORDS in 1961  right from the start  in appears  DIANA  had an eye for fashion and would put this to great use in styling the groups look .The group would embark on a worldwide domination  when it came to the music. In 1969 ROSS wo  uld leave the group and one of the final songs recorded for the album was SOMEDAY WE`LL BE TOGETHER which was as you guessed became a number one record the song would be the first song these ears would listen to as I sat playing the music of DIANA ROSS &THE SUPREMES .Through the 70`s I would eagerly look forward to hearing her music and she regularly charted in the British charts and Europe. Every red blooded man wanted to marry DIANA ROSS but also wanted to dance like MICHAEL JACKSON with whom DIANA had a close relationship. In 1971  DIANA ROSS would star in the movies LADY SINGS THE BLUES  a part thought when seeing it later in the 70`s she was born to  play ,what strikes me is that over the years she wasn’t given more  ,which tells you something about the industry. Yet DIANA ROSS had broken down many barriers for woman and men a like in the entertainment industry. She gave rnb and soul music style and class in another level not that soul music requires style it is what Diana did was to make it more appealable, to those who would otherwise not notice. She always worked with best out there MARVIN GAYE,JOHNNY BRISTOL, NICK ASHORFORD & VALERIE   SIMPSON  BERNARD EDWARDS  NILE ROGERS  THE BEE GEES and of course MICHAEL JACKSON to name a few. She has never been to far away from music and if not touring she seems to pop up here and there as to remind us that the queen diva is till here. If you have a bucket list   then you may wish to add to it TO SEE DIANA ROSS IN CONCERT. I still feel there is more to come from DIANA ROSS  if she chose to maybe a part in one of TYLER PERRYS upcoming movies she certainly has the credentials to light up the big screen with a unique vioce and style that in my humble opinion has never been out of fashion,there is ,and will only ever be one DIANA ROSS all the others need to take a ticket and stand in line way back.














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