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If I was to write the words EWF some of you would know right away what I meant but if I said EARTH WIND &FIRE then even more people would know of whom about to write about .The first ever single record I ever brought was by this group is was there smash hit at the time STAR (1979) I still have that 45 to this day. They  also recorded  hits such as BOOGIE WONDERLAND ,SEPTEMBER ,AND THAT’S THE WAY OF THE WORLD (1975)for many people who loved soul music even to this day EARTH WIND AND FIRE are a benchmark  not just to sou/funk music I guess but to music in general. It would take me to the late November /December to fully appreciate just how great this bands music is (if didn’t already know that) there new album RAISE had just been released and boy! It did not disappoint LET US GROVE had that ROGER TROATMAN vocoder voice at the intro as the music builds and with MAURICE WHITE and PHILLIP BAILEY providing the vocal talent it was simply divine, music tomy  ears I can still remember going out and not just buying that but buying that album but as many albums of their music I could get my hands on. It was like I knew they were a great band but now I knew they were brilliant. EARTH WIND AND FIRE was formed by group leader MAURICE WHITE in 1970 and in 1971 the group released their first album the self entitled EARTH WIND AND FIRE by the next album he had changed the line up and brought the likes of RONNIE LAWS and JESSICA CLEAVES, ROLAND BAUTISTA, LARRY DUNN and RALPH JOHNSON plus one MR PHILLIP BAILEY. You may have been forgiven if you thought this was a bit drastic, yet the group was just getting started PHILLIP didn’t sing lead on the album (THE LAST DAYS AND TIME).by 1973 RONNIE LAWS had gone along with ROLAND BAUTISTA yet the music kept coming and the hits (the album HEAD TO THE SKY was released) 1974 came around and the band released OPEN OUR EYES and again the hits came MIGHTY MIGHTY was a smash for them. In 1975 EARTH WIND &FIRE released THAT’S THE WAY OF THE WORLD ,It was the theme song for a movie of the same name  that didn’t do that well yet this song was a standard bearer for the group and soul music in general , it  also became the bands  biggest hit to date. We began to see the EARTH WIND and FIRE we would all come to love. Maurice would start his own production company signing the Emotions (








WHO SANG ON THE BOOGIE WONDERLAND TRACK) and Deniece Williams. The next albums solidified the band in the hearts and minds of the general public and not just soul and R&b and funk music lovers and by the time the 80,s came around no one could ever doubt the impact they hand on music in general .Even after the release of the raise album the group continued to record, sure the hits didn’t keep coming but every time you heard they were recording if like me your heart skipped a beat in anticipation of some funky horns and Phillip baileys voice. Earth, Wind & Fire was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on March, 6th 2005 they released the album ILLUMINATION featuring some of the young blood of toady, it demonstrated that they hadn’t lost it but that in some way s all those soul an funk lovers of the 70, and early 80,s knew what real music was about. It would be good to see young acts actually playing an instrument, getting in touch with the sound rather than programming it. This in my humble opinion has let soul/funk and R&B music down there are no variations allowing for the bass solo our the drummer to add the extra hit here and there and so on, with a song structure because you can’t program that in it has to be felt and not just with a voice .So any budding stars grab those guitars and keyboards  strap on the bass guitar and give us some real music. This and still is one of the keys to EARTH WIND & FIRE success. The music was layered in wonderful compositions string horns guitars and the message was always positive never just  the negative TELL IT LIKE IT IS. we know what it is or do we ? do we know what it is to make a stand for what is right  or simply accept what others define as WHAT IT IS .May EARTH WIND & FIRE  continue to make there brand of funky soul music. written by cw Alrights reserves



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