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EMILY OLIVIA LEAH BLUNT (born 23rdFEBRUARY) best known to us as British actress EMMA BLUNT has really cemented her  talent in the hearts and minds of people all around the world appearing in movies such as the DEVIL WEARS PRADA,YOUNG VICTORIA  (of which I loved her  in) recently WOLFMAN  and THE ADJUSTMENT  BUREAU. Don’t make the mistake of believing it’s been an easy road for her indeed for most of actors and actresses the road is extremely hard, one not only needs self-belief but the willingness to soak things up and to able to learn as you go along .EMMA appears to have done all of this so by the time she appeared on our TV screens in BOUDICA in 2003 and as CATHERINE HOWARD that same year if my memory serves me right (YES!!My wife has confirmed) she gives an impression that here is a young actress  who looks as if she’s been in the  business  for years and you get that sense that Hollywood was always  going to want someone of her  like professional extremely talent and clearly so down to earth in so many ways .That you get the feeling  you could invite her round to your home and feel at ease with her there (she could also bring her hubby john krasinki).Above all EMMA has that raw talent that is so endearing whenever she appears on screen like great actress  before her  she naturally allows the characters she plays to almost possess  her to  carry out the roles she takes on .

I couldn't talk as a kid because I stammered all the time, so I would just watch. I'm fascinated by human behavior. People surprise me all the time. And I love being able to morph into different characters.

In DEVIL WHERE PRADA you sensed this in YOUNG VICTORIA you knew this to be quite true there is a honesty to the roles she take on that I can’t quite put my finger on it,and maybe I don’t want . She is set to appear in a sci fi movie LOOP alongside Bruce Willis of which she is currently filming. Please go and see her in SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN she stars opposite British Actor Ewan McGregor based on a novel by PaulTorday.If you look back to 2003 its plain to see this lady has been a regular on TV and on the big screen and long may that continue I sense this will easily go on for as long as she whish’s it to. Other projects are also on the horizon (like THE FIVE YEAR ENGAGEMENT) for 2012 and we will endeavour to keep you up to date as they arise.

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