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 When ERIC ROBERSON released the album LEFT in 2007 I wonder if he had any idea just what an instant impact it would have with soul fans the world over certainly it went down a storm and it was clear that ERIC ROBERSON was a force to be reckoned with. All this from a man who in this modern day of music is a pensioner to most yet one listen to that album and it won’t matter what age you are. Their are some killer songs on the set that has left this dude begging for more. So when news reached me that a new album was on the way, I got a little excited shall we say. ERIC ROBERSON is another one of that musical genius, just listen to the wonderful COULDN’T HEAR HER from his last album LEFT and you will see what I mean. When you hear music like this you know soul music is alive and kicking the roof off. One can only hope that the new material can all but live up to the high standard of the last set, because it’s a very high standard indeed ,but a man of his immense talents should be able to give us a musical treat again. After all he is not new to the game and has earned his stripes and paid his dues .Hopefully the new album should go a long way to establishing ERIC ROBERSON as a quality act. His first release was 1994 called THE MOON he would later signed to EMI and worked with the likes of JILL SCOTT, MUSIQ SOULCHILD and D J Jazzy Jeff, whilst releasing his own music via his BLUEERRO SOUL IMPRINT.


If there is an artist out there at this present  moment  in time I whished the


mainstream would pick up on and that is ERIC ROBBERSON and with his new album MR NICE GUY released here for a while now and soon to be in the US  my one hope is that this will  happen.By now  you will all be aware of the the song SUMMER TIME ANTHEM wich featured CHUB ROCK , this was a killer song  yet I,m not quite sure about the reception it receieved possibly the song should have been released a little earlier in the year along with video as its been one of those songs  I will rememeber thi year for and should have been a huge hit.The other release was the hynoptic PICTURE PERFECT (featuring PHONTE) and  again demonstrates   ERIC vocally and lyrically at his best (a klller song)when I bought this album I looked at the back and saw the name JEAN BAYLOR (of ZHANE fame ) and I was excited the song HOW WOULD I FEEL didn’t dissapoint .COME WITH ME is a killer song (and there are many here people) it has that live feel  and if you havnet seen this man livethen what planet or solarsystem are you from,you need to go and see him  to fully appreciate what this artist has to offer. Another song worth noting here is SHAKE HER HAND  it was one of those songs that really grabbed me and I don’t know why along with the song TRY LOVE which speaks to men who really havent tried  love to try it, rather than just sex,MALE  EGO  has a great vibe and again eric demonstrates lyrically just how well equip he is .There are some mellow moents here to the loveley FALL and ALL FOR ME of which I fell in love  with ,yes!! I know i`m sucker for a ballad but do feel we are beginning to see the emergence of ballads again like we use to and the romance  being put back into songs.This is where an artist of ERIC ROBBERSON status Is leading the way not only  is he pioneering in the


sound he uses but the overall delivery and production here is well thought out .ERIC knows how to work the listener and romance them taking you to highs and lows tosudden stops pause and  wonderful suprises .All the while with each song keeping you guessing but wanting more .Some of the young artist and some more established  may ned to re learn this as LUTHER VANDROSS once said you don’t need to kill them with each voacl performance or song ,but you need to romance them and tease them somwhat  make them think .What we have here is an album that ticks all the box`s  all that remains is for you to stop reading this and go out and buy a copy or download a song oh and don’t for get please rate the song or album AMAZON  and ITUNES have this facillity  this goes long way into feeding back  to these giants THAT REAL SOULMUSIC IS ALIVE AND HERE TO STAY.Other song s include THE MAGICIAN ,STRANGERS  and of course MR NICE GUY  all top notch songs  that have been wellcrafted out for your listening pleasure.



PS Just a thought  watch any ERIC ROBBERSON video and again real thought has been put into it not just  scantily cladded babes and a mansion but all his videos realy bring the songs to life in a away you never thoght possible other artist please note.

"I pretty much stay on the road doing between eight and 11 shows a month," says Roberson. "You do the best show you can, and then you stay out there, sign CDs, hug everyone you can and thank them."
--Billboard Magazine '06

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