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Erik Rico is one of those artist who music I find to be so understate today and yet is so refreshing to hear ,whenever I play one of his songs people always respond by asking me who he is? Where they can obtain his music from? (of course I oblige) and yet despite all of that I seldom here his music played on radio at least not here in the UK (this is not a complaint just a statement I am open to being wrong here) his music could be described as a kind of electro soul but I just call it great soul music or better still GREAT MUSIC. As described in Erik’s website:


Born into and surrounded by the creative arts, Erik began his professional career as a self contained artist/producer on Sony's Columbia Records, Prior to his major label introduction he had only briefly been producing, writing and arranging for independent hip hop and soul acts on the east coast. However, after being immersed in the confinements of corporate music, Erik felt his creativity could be better expressed elsewhere. He broke his contract with Sony, returned east and then to Europe in search of musical freedom. Eventually, Erik returned to California in pursuit of his musical career as an independent producer/artist where he was tapped to do his first major label productions, coupled with various multimedia projects encompassing network TV shows, feature films for the Showtime network, PBS as well as a two year stint as sound designer for famed photographer David LaChapelle and Producit Inc.All major TV & Film networks, international advertising agencies, private events and celebrity clients such as Elton John, Gene Simmons, Mariah Carey and Jessica Alba and many more.




If I surely had one whish it  would be that an artist of this calibre received more attention for his work than at present .The music industry requires a larger input from pioneering artist such as Erik Rico without  it  all music begins to sound the same or give off a negative vibe true it may sell but is it really inspiring  ones to be better and achieve .One thing you can always say about an Eric Rico SONG IT ACCOMPLISHS BOTH and yet keeps you firmly in the groove and I definitely  can say I feel that vibe. There are plenty room for more artists to fill certain voids that have appeared in music scene and Erik Rico is an artist that fills the gap between the soul dance rnb jazz and pop music world. Please give them the support they truly deserve by buying there music.

By CW Devendo 1981music movies


Erik posted this on his Face book page:

My upcoming full length album on Animated Cartunes (produced by Clutchy Hopkins) is about to restore some order for what we know as "Soul music"....

Also all new for early 3rd quarter release, 2 house singles, a broken beat single, an instrumental hip hop EP and the debut of LifeNotes sound system feat DJ selecta' Barry King !!

DO prepare yourselves

Bless UP !!! click here



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