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It seems like yesterday that ESTELLE song 1980 tearing up the charts and every body was talking about how big she was going to be. Yet sadly my friends and I where wondering how long it was going to take for this talented and driven lady to realize what we had some time ago, the labels here and this may also be the same in the states, is this , they just don’t really understand the music and how to market it .If a singer doesn’t have a guitar in his/her hands then it isn’t the real deal or cant be taken seriously. This she did find out but never the less this did not stop this lady. She packed her bags and headed stateside in fact she signed to JOHN LEGEND new record label HOMESCHOOL RECORDS.AMERICAN BOY was released and now we are saying, this lady is going to be big she’s going to be around for a long time. The sad thing is she had to leave to do it and this may have to be the case with other home grown acts as they discover that the current crop of soul /R&B acts are just not given real credit. It sometimes annoys me when I here a Dj cut in on a soul tune to play some BRIT POP record, to which he proceeds to play to the very end. Like ESTLLE, I feel that most radio stations seemed happy to play the likes of DUFFY ( NOT THAT I DON’T LIKE HER MUSIC I DO) and alike rather than anything dare I say from the darker side of town. I sometimes think this isn’t deliberate its just that soul in this country is vastly underrated and unless it’s the way most people here like it ( watered down ) then its not considered worth listening to. Yet every now and then an act like ESTELLE pops up and says your wrong, yet record execs still don’t get it. For years we have settled for the water down pop acts, and in a way it has served a purpose, to show us what we are missing when the real deal turns up. Well ESTELLE is one of those real deals, doing it her own way, I may not like everything she does, but this sister has soul. So to those of you who might not buy, but pirate you also may be responsible for the decline of real soul, hip hop and R&B.


 Estelle was born 18th January 1980 London she owns her own record label STELLAR ENTS and long may this continue, thanks to the likes of MYSPACE and FACEBOOK these provide a platform for these acts like her and help bring them to the public eye. So don’t watch XFACTOR as enjoyable as it may be but get online there are some real good talent there waiting for you to listen to. This is a trend I don’t think will change but will continue but as long as there are people like ESTELLLE willing to go it alone then the music will always come through .

Born into a strictly religious Senagalese/Granadan family where she was the second of eight children, Estelle learned early about responsibility for self and family, as well as how to escape life’s daily pressures through music. Though her mother had banned secular music in the house, young Estelle was exposed to African music and gospel (as well as her West Indian stepfather’s roots reggae and dub) via an impressive homemade soundsystem. At school, ‘80s pop was the dominant sound. It wasn’t long before a teenage Estelle was sneaking out of the house to hear hip hop. “You don’t have to compromise yourself as an artist,” says Estelle. “You just have to make the standard believable and relatable.” While her previous successes were notable, they followed an unconventional path. She won a 2004 MOBO for “Best Newcomer” after she had already received “Best Female Artist” at the UK Hip Hop Awards three years in a row. Still, she was frustrated by what she describes as a glass ceiling in the UK urban music industry. “A lot of UK labels don’t expect you to get beyond a certain point.” “There’s more to life than just taking what someone gives you,” she adds, a philosophy that has served her well. She moved to New York on her own initiative. Her trademark drive was also in full effect when she happened upon Kanye West outside Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles during a fated trip to Los Angeles. She summoned up the courage to approach the star, and request an introduction with Legend. When the two hit it off, she also pushed her label to let her to open for Legend during his European Get Lifted tour, a pairing that would continue for two years, and eventually blossom into the Homeschool deal. My mom is African, but I still have my West Indian roots. She would make African food and listen to African music, but we still had rice and peas and reggae. So I’m able to adapt. I’ve spent the last five years of my life traveling, so my viewpoint is wider than the average rapper or singer. Before any deals were signed I got to go to Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Brazil… that shaped me for what was to come.












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