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In the spring of 1981 one of the hit r&b soul dance tunes that was tearing up the dance floors was a song  called I`M IN LOVE the artist was EVELYN KING and the album was entitled I`M IN LOVE it featured production work by KASHIF and PAUL LAWRENCE JONES III under the ten guidance of MORRIE BROWN the second half of the album was produced and written by WILLIE LESTER and RODNEY BROWN who that same year had penned and wrote the song CAN YOU HANDLE IT by SHARON REDD.The album was EVELYN KINGS  fourth  and I must say for me  her best  to date with the young producers  giving her the new synthesizer sound that became KASHIF and PAUL  LAWRENCE trade mark style during the 80,s.The album reasserted her as being at the top of her game  and made this dud e a huge fan . EVELYN KING born JULY 1ST 1960 Released her first album in 1977 at 17years of age that album was called SMOOTHTALK and contained the hit SHAME  she would follow this huge start with the albums MUSIC BOX 1979 and  CALL ON ME 1980 .By 1981 EVELYN CHAMPAGNE KING became EVELYN KING and a switch from the producer T-LIFE to the above mentioned people seemed the right way to go .This was is indeed so right that it proved to be the catalyst in my humble opinion that gained her many fans across Europe  and the US .She would quickly follow up this with the  funky album GET LOOSE in 1982  this time KASHIF SALEEM  and PAUL LAWRENCE  III had complete freedom to do almost all of the set .Hits that came from this set include LOVE COME DOWN ,BET SHE DON’T LOVE YOU ,and GET LOOSE  all killer songs ,at this point I must say my favourite here was  BACK TO LOVE  an absolute killer of a song.1983 saw the release of the album FACE TO FACE followed by SO ROMANTIC  in 1984 and A LONG TIME COMING a change is gonna come in 1985 after this she left RCA and signed to EMI MANHATTAN RECORDS  releasing the underrated album FLIRT  it contained the  Lamont Dozier Leon sylvers Iii song HOLD ON TO WHAT YOU’VE GOT .Sadly the album lacked the spark of the earlier music a


nd the strength of the I`M IN LOVE SET which had given her a renewed strength in 1981 a second album would follow in 1989 GIRL NEXT DOOR and then the EXPANSION RECORDS  album  I`ll KEEP A LIGHT ON  after this things went quiet and nothing was heard from until 2007 when she released the album OPEN BOOK and man it was so good to have her back. I’M IN LOVE is still an album I like to pull and play recently my ten year old daughter ask me about her and wanted me to keep playing two songs from the album to my amazement they are my two favourite songs WHAT ARE WAITING FOR and SPIRIT OF THE DANCE R.So as a tribute we say a big thank you as 1981 was my year for soul music my year for discovery and EVELYN KING played a part in that.

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