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Forest Whitaker is one of those actors that over the years I have a huge admiration for, not just for the roles he has played but again in variations of role in front of the screen and also behind it. When he won the academy award it was met with a huge applaud in my house y, YES! FOREST this was not because he was black it was because I genuinely thought the man deserved it for his portrayal of the evil dictator IDI AMIN. He was born July 15th 1951 Texas united states, Forest into acting whilst attending high school  and frankly I’m glad he did  he has appeared in so many different roles and in each he always seem to give his all. My first real recollection of him was in the movies GOOD MORNING VIETNAM and A RAGE IN HARLEM, but he had appeared movies such as PLATOON, THE COLOR OF MONEY and STAKEOUT prior to this since these movies he was directed by CLINT EASTWODD in the movie BIRD THE CHARLIE PARKER biopic (well worth seeing) he has since appeared in an array of movies opposite some the biggest stars of today, BLOWN away he appeared alongside JEFFBRIDGES, in PHENOMENOM he starred opposite JOHN TRAVOLTA ,PANIC ROOM he appeared  opposite JODY FOSTER ,THE GREAT DEBATERS  alongside DENZEL WASHINGTON  and the list goes on .This lovable handsome dude has also directed movies such has  HOPE FLOATS  starring SANDRA BULLOCK and WAITING TO EXHALE starring Whitney Houston ,Angela Bassett. It’s no surprise that he has appeared in so many movies, the word chameleon comes to mind, when he starred in the movie THE WAY OF THE SAMURAI he seemed an unlikely person to cast for some people, but forest is well known for his intense and well thought out method to acting in short I guess you would call him and actors actor. Commenting on his best three movies of which I would struggle to pick, he said this If I were to mark three, I'd mark Bird (1988), because I grew immensely as an artist--I learned a lot--and also, I think, it was when people started to take me more seriously. I'd also mark Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai (1999), because I started to understand something about myself in silence, how I'm capable of communicating certain things without doing much. And then I'd probably mark The Last King of Scotland (2006), which marries the internal and the external in a strong way and brings together all of the things I've learned about my work into one character.

His portrayal of that role was captivating and showed that he could play almost any role given to him. Like all actors’ singers’ directors we have or highs and lows and of the BATTLE FIELD didn’t exactly do it for me but you alway

s knew that FOREST WHITAKER would always bounce back and deliver. For sure he doesn’t have those distinguishing Brad Pit or Wesley snipes body but he more than makes up for it with c harm and hard work.




On being a black actor he said I have friends, African-American actors, who've had more of a struggle; hopefully they're starting to see some air and light now. But in my directing career, in my acting career, in my producing career, I haven't been bound by a lot of limitations. When I first started doing these kinds of unique characters, these diverse characters, there was hardly anybody doing them. So I had this open road

One of the reasons for this has to been down to the fact that FOREST WHITAKER is not just fortunate, but he is an immensely talented individual and long may he continue. FOREST WHITAKER will be appearing in the movies WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, MY OWN LOVE SONG, REPSSESION MAMBO he is rumoured to be appearing in THE EXPENDABLES being directed by SYLVESTOR STALLONE and  also it is rumoured that he’s been  casted in the movie DR JEKYLL and MR HYDE along with CURTIS 50CENT JACKSON.



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