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ROCCCCCCK MEE TONIGHT! FOR OLLLLD TIME SAAAKES  or so the song went when I first heard it .FREDDIE JACKSON  was about t to take the soul world by a storm .In truth I had heard his vocals on the timeless song MR MAGICIAN as lead singer of the group MYSTIC MERLIN. Along with ALEXANDER O`NEAL he would be one of challengers of LUTHER VANDROSS`S throne. With hits like YOU ARE MY LADY, TASTY LOVE, CALLING and A LIITLE BIT MORE (A DUET WITH MELBA MOORE) along with many others FREDDIE JACKSON was the main stay of RNB music throughout the 80`s and early 90`s although it may appear that he had disappeared of the map ,in truth the man has kept busy releasing material on a steady basis  and touring. It pleased me  so when I heard there was new material on the way from the man.The new album is entitled  FOR YOU and sees  a great welcome return to one of soul music`s premiere artist . I think FREDDIE gave us music that reminds us (men) that we need to ALWAY`S  be  romantic  and this is a spark for more a meaningful relationship.Sadly this sound and style appears to be a dirty word to many today  or has seemingly  no effect, can an artist like


FREDDIE still have an impact  is there still a market for his cup of tea .YES! I say there is for  both old and young . His music  is still relevant and in a world where we need to be reminded and to get away from things  plus keep it realat the same time , the man is just what we need right now. Listening to this reminds me just how good the man is and it was good to him re team up with BARRY EASTMAN  the writer and producer of some of FREDDIE JACKSON`S biggest hits  .He also seems  to have taken more  command of his music ,not that he never did releasing this through his own label. There  some killer songs here people FOR YOU I WILL for a start other great songs here are I DONT  WANNA  GO,RUMORS  and A LITTLE TASTE.The album  see`s FREDDIE doing what he does best and when he turns on the charm  at times here i am taken back to the 80`s and how refreshing  his sound was and still is .Had the world not lost LUTHER VANDROSS heaven knows what he  would have given us although he FREDDIE and the likes of the late TEDDY PENDEGRASS are known for the the slow  mellow love music at  times all new how to keep it funky  and slick FREDDIE JACKSON  has managed to achieve this on this new set and yet ROCK  EVERYBODY FOR OLD TIMES SAKES and i for one welocome that this album is a good buy and one i enyoyed playing in the car . I watched this the other night a tribute to this man because even though hes still got it, the world of music has changed and there  has become a tendency to ignore  artist of this stature  music could do with a slight change right now .Radio stations and DJ`s alike need to mix it up a little.


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