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 George Benson (born March 22, 1943) is a bit o a staple diet in my house I first fell in love with this Brothers music in 1981 when a friends mother was playing the song LOVE X LOVE and MOODYS MOOD his voice and guitar playing was simply divine to listen to, and after that I would buy anything the man put out. At the time friends said that GEORGE BENSON wasn’t jazz and he wasn’t soul music either ,but I beg to differ the man was all of the above rapped into one .I always felt sorry for folks who have the smallest of minds that they can only see people how people see them so they always want to label things. GEORGE BENSON in my humble opinion is another benchmark artist who’s music is inspiring and pioneering at the same time he is a master of his craft and when you here ones talk about the man they testify to that .The GIVE ME THE NIGHT set was my introduction as well as THE GEORGE BENSON COLLECTION that sparked my interest .As the years rolled by GEORGE BENSON ventured into mainly back into instrumental music and I was still eager to listen and be blown away by him. The man at one stage was Warner brothers biggest selling artist. He may have left them but the quality of the music still hits peaks in my opinion , When I heard George Benson was to release an album of Nat Coles songs I was excited  as Nat Cole  was a singer that got a lot of air play in my house when growing up WHEN I FALL IN LOVE is a signature tune for my wife and myself. So finding out George Benson was a big admirer of Nat King Cole  was a winner for me the album GEORGE BENSON Inspiration a tribute to NAT KING COLE was raised  with money straight from the public via pledge check them out,(I was happy to be apart of this project and receive my signed vinyl version of the album of which I can tell you didn't disappoint please check it out. Describing his music  Benson describes as focusing more on love and romance, rather than sexuality. George has been in my humble opinion a pioneer of music yes his base has been and still is jazz music but he has never backed away from moving the music into others realms as long as his music had it roots in jazz . This I applaud him his guitar skills are legendary and he should be given that praise still but being a humble man I doubt this would bother him. If you are a guitar player you couldn't do wrong if you checked out the George Benson catalogue.












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