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I  just love it when I discover an artist that makes the hairs on the back of my neck rise. Those overwhelming feelings of joy to hear someone with great talent demonstrate just what they are capable of. I felt this when I came across the talented GLORIA RYANN via my face book page(thanks u STEVIE ROBINSON) . She has a new EP release entitled JUST GLOW and glow in every way is just what this lady does, to such an effect I haven’t stopped playing this and I doubt I will for a very long while. You see one of my very private benchmarks when I listen to an artist (this only ever comes into effect when the artist covers someone else’s songs by the way) is how did the artist make the song their own and yet deliver it in such a way it’s spellbinding and new at the same time. Well on GLORIA RYANN,S NEW EP she covers a MINNIE RIPPERTON timeless song INSIDE MY LOVE it is delivered in such a way that I am positive Minnie herself would have been immensely proud of, this is a killer song with vocals that stand up to the best of them toady MARIAH, BEYONCE, WHITNEY and JENIFER HUDSON would be given a run for there money .The entire set is filled with five excellent songs and by the way Gloria is no fly by night act she has worked hard to perfect her craft and seems to take her influences from some of the above not to mention the likes of ARETHA FRANKLIN ,LUTHERVANDROSS and that era of soul music. DIVINE the first song I listened to has that breezy vibe feel to it as  Gloria effortlessly delivers this song I had to hit the replay button a few more times before moving on. GRAVITY takes its queue from today’s RnB electrified sound and again GLORIA easily stands her ground with out trying to sound vocally like many of the acts today who at times all vocally sound the same, Gloria Ryan doesn’t have that problem. WHERE YOU ARE is masterfully done she again comes alive here leaving this dude asking why artist like this don’t get more air play  this song also had a few replays before I could move on( SOOO SMOOTH)

I couldnt have prepared myself for this because just when I thought this lady could get no better well she does and by covering this song (INSIDE MY LOVE) she has gained a new admirer.

The set finishes with the song WAIT A MINUTE  again it vibe easily fits today’s sound  whilst holding on to the roots of soul music she executes this one .You cant go wrong by purchasing this one as it comes HIGHLEY RECCOMENDED.

 CLICK   HERE and HERE   check out her vidoe below


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