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Gwa-pa-lay known to us as Goapele hit he scene in 2001 with her EP closer ( release on Skyblaze Recordings)

and since then has added to the growing number of soul sisters with something positive to say out there but does it, with such an infectious groove that for many it isn’t noticed well after they are hooked on the soul music that is Goapele. The granddaughter of German holocaust survivors and South African grandparents who lived through apartheid, Goapele knows the importance of giving back time, energy and resources to the community and the planet. "I've been involved in community organization since I was 10, so it's naturally integrated into my music. One of the reasons I wanted to be a songwriter in the first place was so I could sing lyrics that I believed in and that come from my heart. I draw from my own experience and the experiences I've watched others go through. I want my music to truly represent me, instead of trying to fit stereotypes that women in this industry are encouraged to fit into."

She has been quiet for a while but is shaping up for a new outing in 2011 DON’T BE SHY IS TAKEN FROM THE NEW OUTING CHECK IT OUT



As you may or may not be aware GOAPELE has a new album entitled STONGE AS GLASS  and for those who already love her music  this is a treat to RNB soul music lovers get out there and buy this there isn't a weak song  on the set having said that all the  songs demonstrate just how great this artist is as a songwriter she s up there with the best of them  and many a young talent out there as well as establish ones (I wont say) should be looking  her way when it comes to putting together a song production wise she has always been very strong its been torture trying to find a song that the out and out killer here. I take great delight in saying everyone is a killer and this set could be one one of if not my personal favourite albums of 2014.From the song HEY BOY it has a SLAVE (Watching you) groove to it all the way back to STRONG  AS GLASS she has come up with a gem one I hope DJ radio stations around world use to educated those musical ears out there.I want to see the name GOAPELE up there with the pretenders schooling them in the art of music she truly has something to say and says it in such a positive way . So GOAPELE when can we expect you on the UK shores. I strongly recommend this set






Milk and Honey - Goapele from goapele on Vimeo.



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