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I’ve been drinking in the sound of GREEN TEA in truth I don’t like tea but I partial to the blend this lady is brewing I first came across her first album The Dosage 1 in around 2004 and after that I guess I skipped a bit (missing the Dosage II choices and a mix tape) until the album Crazy8s in 2010 when again I was left asking why the world hadn’t taken a closer look at this talented lady. It’s 2013 and in 2012 Green tea was again making us a nice home brew of tea with album Dosage III the Time to B E featuring I CAN NEVER BEE THE BLAME a wonderful song that has burnt a hole in my head. In Jan and Feb of 2013 she served up the LOVE CHRONICLES PT 1, 2 and 3 at this point I have to admit I have been playing catch up with this lady all the while kicking myself and yet being so thankful to a rare talent like hers.Shes a native of D.C and states even before being born music was a part of her and judging from what she produces I have to state this is true. LOVE CHRONICLES I the Beginning sets the tone and flavour of what is to come .To explain the tone and set the mood her website comments Love Chronicles to Superman is a three-part journey of love experiences from 2004-2012, designed to provide an honest and transparent look into the love and emotions of Singer Green Tea. In the Love Chronicles Trilogy, Green Tea compiles the songs created from each of her albums, Dosage I, II, and III and the Beautiful Weirdo mix tape in order to tell a story of finding and falling in love. If you like the Love Chronicles you'll love each Dosage. After you finished listening to GREEN TEA


you will be left addicted to her brand of GREEN TEA. What’s inspiring about this artist is how she manages to take all the negatives and formulate them lyrically, musically and vocally into positives through her music she manages to take the norm and show how appreciative one can be just for them, true she keeps it real without going to the bottom of the barrel (constantly talking dirty) as they say here in the uk in all this she has forge her own sound and a kind of movement that makes you want to get on board. Artist like this are a refreshing brew and coming from a nation of tea addicts to which my wife is one along with my two daughters this home girl is a refreshing sound to what’s out there. SOUL SISTA  GooOO!!!!



Mix a serving of soul, a pinch of optimism, and a dash of heart and you get Green Tea. Not just your average soul singer, Green Tea, pours her feelings into her music. She skilfully mixes sultry soul with positive lyrics and encouraging tones that make you want another dose every time she sings.

Most singers recall a love for music at a young age, but Green Tea developed her love before she even ...
entered the world. Her mother recalls her stomach dancing energetically whenever she played music; little did she know a young talent was brewing inside. As a D.C. native, Green Tea stays true to the eclectic style that moves through the city and blends her inspirations of gospel, soul, jazz, rhythm and blues, opera, and even rock and roll into her craft.

She has opened up for artists such as Slick Rick, Kindred the Family Soul, Dead Prez, Chuck Brown, Eric Roberson, Fertile Ground and Anthony David and has entertained all over the East Coast, from D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, to Pennsylvania. Green Tea’s music touches the soul, while her delivery sets the tone for growth, power, and love. “Music has the power to break the cycle of an impoverished mindset,” she said.

Green Tea has 2 full length albums, Have A Cup of Green Tea Dosage I: Shades of Green, & Dosage II: Choices, as well as 1 remix cd, The Crazy 8s, and 1 mix-tape, Beautiful Weirdo. Green Tea’s works have been received with high praises and her fans are anxiously awaiting her next project, entitled B.E.

With her music, Green Tea’s focus is sharing her talent with the world. “I guess above all, I want people to know and understand how powerful music is,” she said. Her ultimate goal, besides entertaining her audience, is to empower individuals and share her passion for music with the rest of the world. No matter the time of day, good or bad, those who witness Green Tea’s talent savor her words and sound, and experience a unique flow that is few and far between. After every performance, Green Tea keeps you wanting another cup of Green Tea, the musical medicine for the soul.

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