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My wife believed for sometime that i was in love with actress Halle Berry yet what i admire most about Halle is the same things I admire in my wife ,her hard work willingness to challenge the norm and not just go along with small minded people that we find ourselves around at times telling us that’s how things are. She was born August 14th 1966 Cleveland Ohio united state s. Her father is African American and mother white, that union gave Halle the stunning looks she has but also the hunger to make it. Before she turned to acting she entered several beauty contest finishing runner up is the miss USA 1986.It wasn’t until the year we i got married whilst in France that my wife and i got our first glimpse of this lady in the movie JUNGLE FEVER but she actually already appeared on TV in LIVING DOLLS & KNOTS LANDING but watching her playing a drug addict in film my wife said at the time she’s is going to be big .She was right over the years she has appear in many movies sometimes small roles yet it seemed with everyone she was gathering pace and the public was slowly falling in love with this ladies talents .In 1991 she appear in the movie LAST BOY SCOUT then the following year in the movie BOOMERANG (she was the only good thing in it )other roles kept coming THE FLINTSTONES 1994 EXECUTIVE DECISION 1995 (a great film ) other roles kept coming then BULWORTH in 1997 things stepped up big time in 2000 when she appeared in the movie X-MEN a role she seemed born to play yet it wasn’t as larger role as she would have liked still it was great to see her in the part friends and i thought she was destined to play .In 2001 coming off the back of the massive success that XMEN generated she took the part in her next project a movie entitled MONSTERS BALL the role would give HALLE BERRY her first Oscar and she would be seen as the first African American women to do so. She has since reprised her role as storm in two more X-MEN Movies and a string of other movies that didn’t quite meet with same success yet HALLE would be the first to say you cant always win them all. Yet because of her shear tenacity she will always find the right scripts in which to display to the world her expanding talent. Recently she and Partner GABRIEL AUBRY gave birth to a young daughter NAHLA ARIELA AUBRY .This is a lady that has achieved much in her career and has earned a lot respect from around the world, lets hope as we grow we some how get past some of the shallow small minded things that trap us mentally so that true talent can come through no matter what.

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                                                                                                           HALLE BERRY


Like many well established stars and some not so established Halle in now releasing her very pown perfume,and if you ask me you could say its about time.You would have thought she would have done this a while back  rather than now. I guess its better late than never.

     New perfume range from HALLE








 Halle is set to appear in 2 movies NAPPILY EVER AFTER and FRANKIE & ALICE. For the first one reports have it, that she will shave her hair for the part HMMM actually i think the look will suit her ,and it may become a trend(lol)go HALLE







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