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If by any chance you saw the Oscars a while back then you saw HUGH JACKMANS performance and the man was so cool, my daughter couldn’t believe she was seeing WOLVERINE live on stage singing his heart out. As I was at pains to point out this dude was treading the boards for quite some time before he grew claws and joined the x-men. Hugh Michael Jackman was born 12th October 1968 in Sydney in Australia to British parents but his mother left his father to raise Hugh and the rest of the family .He started his early career acting in the BEAUTY AND THE BEAST story playing the role as GASTON, he did some film work as well appearing




in THE MAN FROM SNOWY RIVER, PAPERBACK HERO (1999) but he became famous more notably for his role in the stage production of OAKLAHOMA! (I hate to admit this but this soul brother likes this movie, sad isn’t it) that performance in London’s west end earned him an OLIVER AWARD and this is no mean feat, to win such an award. In 2000 he was cast as wolverine in the x-men, a part we all know he wasn’t first choice in fact as the story goes his wife urged him not to take the part but he did, and all you wolverine fans would never forgive him had he not knowing now what we know that the man is a genius and a gentleman. He stands at 6`2 WIOLVERINE stands at 5`3 hence when addressed by SABRE TOOTH he refers to him as the runt. Yet that minor setback didn’t stop BRYAN SINGER from casting him in the role that he has made his own ever since. In 2001 in appeared in the movie KATE & LEOPOLD opposite MEG RYAN a part I most enjoyed watching him as he really made that movie. In 2006 he appeared in the wonderful movie THE PRESTIEGE opposite CHRISTIAN BALE a movie that should have scored big time as it was brilliant he also appearing Woody Allen’s movie THE SCOOP that same year and then in that lovable




Movie HAPPY FEET. In 2009 he starred opposite Nicole Kidman in the film AUSTRAILIA he again seemed born to play this role as he replace another Aussie RUSSELL CROWE and put in a stand up performance .He is set to appear in the movie WOLVERINE of which he is one of the producers and also IF THEY COULD SEE ME as an invisible friend of a six year old he is also set to appear in the remake of CAROUSEL .Well all in all I would say things are looking good for the man and I hope to see him take on even more meaty roles .Hey! Hugh, if you want to do a musical, what about a remake of PAINTED WAGON you could take the CLINT EASTWOOD ROLE and TOMMY LEE JONE the LEE MARVIN



 part .I can see HUGH JACKMAN going from strength to strength with each role and although wolverine has made him a house hold name HUGH JACKMAN the man will emerge as the true star long after that role has played out I hope. This dude is a have a go man as they say in here in the midlands so to all those budding actors keep having ago you never know what’s going to happen


Hugh is currently film LES MISERABLES AND TWEETED THIS PIC AND COMMENT what an honour...singing a new song with the composer, Claude Michel, at rehearsals for les mis!



 hugh jackman at the beach   

 for more on hugh jackman click here and here











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